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About BHR Group

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Please find our new website at www.bhrgroup.com and more about BHR Group at About BHR Group

BHR Group is a trading name of VirtualPiE Limited, an independent technology company which provides knowledge-based fluid engineering services and process technology solutions utilising its core competence, facilities and expertise in process technology and fluid dynamics.

Our Vision
To be the first choice provider of practical solutions to industrial engineering problems and so enhance our clientís competitive position in a safe, economical and environmentally acceptable manner.

Our Values

  • To put the client first and understand the issues as seen by them
  • To work with our clients and other partners to achieve their goals
  • To seek innovative yet cost effective solutions for their businesses


Services include:

  • consultancy
  • research and development for process and product design
  • plant optimisation and asset management

Patented products include:

  • mixing systems
  • biodiesel production systems
  • cold-cutting equipment
  • fluid flow boosting systems
  • compact separators
  • specialist testing equipment.

Software products and services include:

  • electronic design guides for mixing equipment
  • life prediction software for elastomeric components
  • disinfection processes for water
  • pipe network analysis
  • optimisation of pumped fluid distribution networks
  • waste disposal.

BHRA, The British Hydromechanics Research Association was established in 1947 as a company limited by guarantee with the objective of extending the knowledge of scientific principles and their application to the manufacture and use of hydraulic machinery. Its initial aim was to meet the needs of the British Pump Manufacturers by addressing generic problems in pumping technology.

Set up as an Association, BHRA depended solely on its members' contributions and government funding to exist. Due to limited financial support, it became necessary to admit members from other industries and countries. Oil, process and power user industries were recruited into Membership along with consulting engineers.

Business flourished and in the late 1960s BHRA outgrew its first laboratory premises in Harlow, Essex. The company moved to its present site at Cranfield on the University campus, where it constructed extensive new offices and laboratories. The technology base was expanded into all aspects of fluid flow and a new name was adopted for the business, BHRA, The Fluid Engineering Centre.

An Independent Company
In 1989 the business and assets were bought out by management and staff to form BHR Group Limited, an independent private company. It was recognised that BHRA held particular strengths that relied on development of assets and facilities. It was more appropriate to work from the basis of a company limited by shares.

BHRA's business and staff formed the core research and development activity within BHR Group, whilst new subsidiary companies were formed to realise the potential of the Intellectual Property.

Soon, BHR Group's DIAJET abrasive waterjet cutting equipment began to attract interest worldwide and DIAJET Limited, now a separate company, was created to develop, produce and market the equipment.

In 2003, in line with BHR Group's policy of capitalising on its inventions, the CALTEC unit, specialising in equipment for the Oil and Gas industry, became independent following a Management Buyout.

IIn 2011 BHR Group's business was bought out by VirtualPiE Limited, an independent company specialising in virtual modelling of mechanical engineering problems. The two offerings complement each other well, forming a wide-ranging service to industry world wide.

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