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Information Services: Technical Reports Catalogue
Flood Prevention and Barrages

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Copies of these reports may be ordered from BHR Group for £70 sterling (EU) or £80 sterling (elsewhere) per copy of each report. This includes first class postage (UK) or standard airmail postage (elsewhere) and packing. For urgent delivery details please contact us.

£12.25 sterling VAT will be added to the price per copy of each report ordered from European Union countries outside the United Kingdom if the buyer's VAT number is not quoted.

RR818 Dr. P.J. Baker
Dynamic tests on sectional model of proposed high level design of Thames flood barrier
6pp. 33 figs. (Jul. 1964)

RR1172 D.A. Crow
Thames Barrier local scour tests
24pp. 16 figs. (Mar. 1973)

RR1195 R. King and M.J. Prosser
Thames Barrier - hydraulic model of the rising sector gate
59pp. 7 figs (Jun. 1973)

RR1212 R. King and B.A. Bruce
Model testing of the flap gates for the Barking Creek tidal barrier
38pp. 44 figs. (Nov. 1973)

RR1240 M.J. Prosser
Thames barrier project: bed protection studies
34pp. 38 figs. (Jun. 1974)

RR1310 M.J. Prosser and B.A. Bruce
Hydraulic model study of the River Avon barrage
52pp. 39 figs (Sep. 1975)

RR1339 R. King
Tilbury defence gate
26pp. 12 figs. (Mar. 1976)

RR1572 M.H. Palmer
Hydraulic model study of the River Medway flood relief scheme control structure
18pp. incl. 42 figs. (Nov. 1979)

RR1890 B.A. Brighouse
Model Study of the River Ogmore: Bridgend Flood Protection Scheme.
10pp. 23 figs. (Aug. 1982)

RR2918 A J Hamilton and M J Prosser
Venice lagoon flood protection hydraulic model of scouring system.
10pp and 9 figs. (May 1988)


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