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Flow Induced Vibrations / Hydroelastic Models

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TN7 R.C. Worster
On the vibration of sluice gates
3pp., 7 figs. (Jan. 1949)

RR1093 R. King
Flow induced vibrations
17pp. 15 figs. (Jun. 1971)

TN1100 R. King
The 'added mass' of cylinders
24pp. 10 figs. (Apr. 1971)

RR1122 R. King
The hydrodynamic damping of natural vibrations of a cantilevered cylinder
42pp. 25 figs. (Jan. 1972)

TN1191 R. King
The stability of piles in flowing water
29pp. 15 figs. (May 1973)

RR1193 R. King
Thames Barrier vibration studies
75pp. 72 figs. (Jun 1973)

RR1214 R. King
Vortex excited oscillations of inclined (yawed) cylinders in flowing water
30pp. 28 figs. (Jan. 1975)

PR1216 D.A. Crow
Hydroelastic modelling techniques: third progress report
3pp. (Aug. 1973)

RR1225 D.A. Crow
The Thames Barrier rising sector gate: vibration studies on a 1/20 scale hydroelastic model
82pp. 55 figs. (Jun. 1974)

RR1250 J.I. Simper
The drag, side force and yawing moment on single and multiple arrays of paraboloidal antennae
(Oct. 1974)

RR1254 R. King
Hydroelastic model tests of marine piles - a comparison of model and full scale results
16pp. 11 figs. (Nov. 1974)

TN1272 R. King
Vortex excited oscillations of a pair of flexible circular cylinders in flowing water
27pp. 25 figs. (Feb. 1975)

TN1285 R.L.P. Verley
References on wave forces on structures
10pp. 112 refs. (Mar. 1975)

T1299 J. Courregelongue, B.A. Bruce and R. King
On the existence of two forms of vortex street shed from immersed solids
4pp. 2 figs. (1975) (Transl. from: Comptes Rendus, Journees de l'Hydraulique vol.189. 1929 pp. 972-974.)

RR1314 B.E.A. Jacobs and A.L. Headford
Wind tunnel tests on supporting structures for microwave radio aerials
28pp. 22 figs. (Oct. 1975)

TN1319 R.L.P. Verley
Wave forces on structures - an introduction
48pp. 7 figs. (Nov. 1975)

RR1357 R. King and M.J. Every
Hydroelastic model tests of two tripod structures for an ore terminal
48pp. 14 figs. (Jun. 1976)

RR1361 R. King
Hydroelastic oscillations of a plane cruciform frame
19pp. 7 figs. (Jul. 1976)

RR1378 R.L.P. Verley
Tethered buoyant platform
9pp. 4 figs. (Oct. 1976)

RR1453 R. King
Model tests of vortex induced motion of cable suspended and cantilevered piles for the Cognac platform
37pp. 27 figs. (Jan. 1978)

RR1459 M.J. Every
Hydroelastic modelling of marine piles
19pp. 33 figs. (Feb. 1978)

RR1460 R. King
Vortex excited oscillations of a cylinder dipping into water
12pp. 8 figs. (Feb. 1978)

TN1467 E.J. Fordham
On the mechanisms of flow-induced vibrations in bundles of circular cylinders in cross-flow. A literature review
45pp 75 figs. (Apr. 1978)

TN1481 K.A. Nyhus
Hydroelastic vibration near a plain surface
14pp. 14 figs. (Jun. 1978)

RR1485 B.A. Bruce and D.A. Crow
Hydroelastic model studies of the Pershore Mill sluice gates
14pp. 12 figs (Jul. 1978)

TN1492 R.L.P. Verley
An experimental investigation into hydrodynamic damping in waves
21pp. 15 figs. (Sep 1978)

RR1574 B.A. Bruce and D.S. Miller
Fuel transportation flask water impact tests
14pp. 28 figs (Nov. 1979)

RR1576 M.J. Every and R. King
Supressing flow induced vibrations - an experimental study of clamp-on devices
12pp. 40 figs (Nov. 1979)

TN1627 M.J. Every
Preliminary tests on a novel device to reduce vortex induced vibrations
8pp. 16 figs. (Nov. 1980)

RR1660 H.C. Yeung
The effect of approach flow direction on the flow induced vibration of a triangular tube array.
17pp. 15 figs. (Feb. 1981)

RR1668 H.C. Yeung
The effects of approach flow direction on the flow induced vibrations of a square tube array.
14pp. 16 figs. (Apr. 1981)

RR1669 H.C. Yeung
Vibration of a flexible tube within rigid tube bundles.
9pp. 7 figs. (Mar. 1981)

RR1715 M.J. Every
A brief survey of the steady drag data available for application to unfaired umbilical cables.
18pp. 30 figs. (Jun. 1981)

RR1752 H.C. Yeung
The effect of approach flow direction on the flow induced vibration of a square tube array.
13pp. 9 figs. (Oct. 1981)

TN1756 M.J. Every
The forces on a weir plate.
4pp. 2 figs. (Oct. 1981)

TN1841 G.F. Truscott
Cooling water system vibration consultancy
12pp. (May 1982)

RR1948 M.J. Every
A computer program for the static analysis of umbilical cables to undersea remotely operated vehicles.
35pp. 7 figs. (Jan. 1983)

TN2057 M.J. Every
The dynamic response andsteady deflection of some seabed structures.
14pp. 8 figs. (Aug. 1983)

RR2225 S.E.L. Bland and M.J. Every
Response of a towed body to ship manoevres.
13pp. 9 figs. (Jun. 1984)

RR2565 J.A. Humphries and D.H. Walker
Study of vortex shedding on free-standing pipes.
12pp. 3 figs. appendix. (Feb. 1986)

RR2863 D.S. Weaver
Flow-induced Vibrations in Bellows
15pp, 14figs (Dec. 1987)

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