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Information Services: Technical Reports Catalogue
Hydraulic Equipment, Fluid and Filters

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T414 M.V. Pomper
Calculation of hydraulic drive for a surface grinding machine table
10pp., 7 figs. (Sep. 1951) (Transl. from: La Technique Moderne, vol.42, nos. 9 & 10, May 1950, pp.134-138)

P469 D.F. Denny
A note on non-inflammable fluids for hydraulic systems
5pp., 1 fig. (Nov. 1953)

P509 G.V. Bell
Considerations on the choice of a positive displacement hydraulic power transmission
8pp., 24 figs. (Mar. 1955)

P512 G.V. Bell
Experimental hydraulic transmission gear
4pp., 3 figs. (Jul. 1955)

RR521 K.J. Whiteman
Hydraulic lock at high pressure
7pp., 6 figs. (Dec. 1955)

TN528 D.F. Denny
A survey of British hydraulic brake systems
4pp., 5 figs. (Mar. 1956)

SP532 K.J. Whiteman
A survey of hydraulic lock
10pp. 6 figs. (Apr. 1956)

TN546 G.V. Bell
Differentially coupled hydraulic power transmissions
8pp. 6 figs. (Jan. 1957)

PR559 K.J. Whiteman
Progress Report on the development of a positive displacement hydraulic transmission for road vehicles
6pp. 3 figs. (May 1957)

RR563 D.F. Denny and D.E. Turnbull
Performance tests on an experimental hydraulic transmission for road vehicles
5pp. 18 figs (Jul. 1957) (also Supplement: Development of a hydraulic transmission for road vehicles: graphs relevant to discussion). 8 figs. (Sep. 1957)

SP565 S.P. Hutton
Problems of hydraulic machinery laboratory design and equipment
13pp. 25 figs. (Sep. 1957)

SP566 G.A.J. Young
The use of models as an aid to the design of hydraulic structures
7pp. 14 figs. (Sep. 1957)

TN572 D.E. Turnbull
The response of the hydraulic relay or position control servo under various load conditions
Part I - The step response. 17pp. 11 figs. (Jan. 1958) (see EX 20.)

TN575 D.E. Turnbull
The response of the hydraulic relay or position control servo under various load conditions
Part II - The step response for any load combination. 3pp 7 figs. (Mar. 1958) (See Ex 20.)

TN576 D.E. Turnbull
The response of the hydraulic relay or position control servo under various load conditions
Part III - The sinusoidal response. 5pp. 15 figs. (Mar 1958) (see Ex 20.)

PR591 D.F. Denny
Progress Report on experimental hydraulic transmission
1p. 1 figs. (May 1958)

TN615 D.F. Denny
A survey of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids
6pp. (Feb. 1959)

T620 K. Rutschi
On the scaling up of efficiency of hydraulic machines. Comparison of a single machine with a range of machines differing in size
9pp. incl. 8 figs. (Apr. 1959) (Transl. from: Schweizerische Bauzeitung vol. no.41, Oct. 1958, pp.603-6.)

SP622 D.F. Denny
Performance of a small ball-piston hydraulic transmission
3pp. 15 figs. (May 1959)

TN633 D.E. Turnbull
A survey of some recent developments in the high pressure hydraulic industry in the U.S.A. - 1959
16pp. (Jul. 1959)

SP665 D.F. Denny
Performance tests on the Mk II B.H.R.A hydraulic transmission
19pp. incl. 26 figs. (Oct. 1960)

RR693 K. Foster
The force and discharge characteristics of a particular spool valve configuration
9pp. 16 figs. (Apr. 1961)

TN695 R.M. Austin and J.A. Charlton
The design of apparatus of the evaluation of hydraulic brake fluids
5pp. 8 figs (Jul. 1961)

SP720 T.E. Beacham
Fifty years development in oil hydraulics
13pp. incl. 11 figs. (Apr. 1962)

SP725 J.A. Charlton
Self priming spillway siphons - on appraisal
8pp. 8 figs. (Apr. 1962)

RR733 K. Foster
The dynamic flow forces in a particular spool valve configuration with special references to the stability of periodic motions
15pp. 39 figs. (May 1962)

TN756 N.A. Shute
Data on mineral-base hydraulic fluids (See also: Supplements to data on mineral-base fluids; 17pp. 8 figs. (Dec. 1948)
58pp. 33 figs. (Mar. 1963)

RR757 N.A. Shute and D.E. Turnbull
The hydrostatic balancing of valve plates
11pp. 12 figs. (Feb. 1963)

T775 R. Mauroschat
Leakage losses of valve plates of axial pumps and motors
8pp., incl. 16 figs (Jul. 1963) (Transl. from: Maschinenbautechnik, vol.11, no.5, 1962, pp.270-3.)

T785 W. Frossel
The design of thrust bearings with plane sliding surfaces
36pp. incl. 43 figs. (Oct. 1963) (Transl. from: Konstruktion, vol.13, no.5, May 1961, pp.192-97

T786 W. Frossel
The calculation of thrust bearings with convex pads
16pp. incl. 24 figs (1963) (Transl. from: Konstruktion, vol.13, no.7, Jul. pp.253-62

T794 F. de Raucourt
The lubrication of plane surfaces by a 'thermal wedge' - application to swashplate pumps
5pp. (Mar. 1964) (Transl. from: Rev. des Transmissions Hydr. et. Pneum. et. des Asservissements, vol.1, no.3, Aug. 1963, pp.44-50,

TN807 A.L. King and N.A. Shute
A survey of flexible hose for hydraulic systems
11pp. 7 tables (May 1964)

RR824 M.J. Fisher
A design study of a hydraulic jack table drive for a milling machine
17pp. 23 figs. (Nov. 1964)

SP981 J.E. Cooper
Some design and development aspects of tilting head pumps and motors
8pp. 6 figs. (Jan. 1969)

SP982 A. Platt and E.S. Kelly
Life testing of hydraulic pumps and motors on fire resistant fluid
16pp. 15 figs (Jan. 1969)

SP984 C.R. Himmler
Characteristics of high speed servocontrolled hydraulic motors with smooth rotation at very low speed
6pp. 11 figs. (Jan. 1969)

SP985 C.M. Edghill
Some factors determining the choice of a particular hydrostatic transmission unit
9pp. 3 figs. (Jan. 1969)

SP986 H. McCallion, B.R. Budley and G.C. Knight
Analysis of a dynamically loaded hydrostatic transmission system
9pp. 14 figs. (Jan. 1969)

T987 P. Wusthof and P.M.A.L. Hezemans
Report on a colloqium on filters in hydraulic systems
18pp. incl. 7 figs. (Dec. 1968)

SP988 R.W. Rigby
An integral control constant pressure device with built in stabilisation for a variable delivery axial piston hydraulic pump
9pp. 6 figs. (Jan. 1969)

SP989 D. McCloy and A. Beck
Flow hysteresis in spool valves
8pp. 9 figs. (Jan. 1969)

SP991 G.C. Cuff and J.B. Hargrave
Design of high performance electrohydraulic servos for a modern steel mill
9pp. 8 figs. (Jan. 1969)

RR1243 A.L. Headford and G.F. Truscott
Pressure loss tests on a "Filmet" fuel filling filter
8pp. 3 figs. (Oct. 1974)

RR1292 M.J. Day and R.D. Lee
Evaluation and development of a standard test method for hydraulic filters
102pp. 40 figs. (May 1975)

RR1478 D.H. Saunders and M.J. Day
The effect of different particle counting methods on the determination of the efficiency of a hydraulic filter
26pp. 8 figs (Jun. 1978)

TN1690 M.L. Hughes
Technique for cavitation visualisation in a rotating fluid power piston pump.
2pp. 2 figs. (Mar. 1981)

RR2209 I.D. Prior
Hydraulic cylinder investigation.
2pp. 5 figs. (May 1984)

RR2268 J.L. Ayres
Hydraulic torque wrench hose investigation.
5pp. 4 figs. (Aug. 1984)

RR2392 I.D. Prior
Hydraulic accumulator proof test
2pp (Feb. 1985)

RR2443 J.L. Ayres and M.J. Brooks
Hydraulic accumulator proof test
2pp (Jun. 1985)


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