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Hydraulic and Air Model Studies

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Copies of these reports may be ordered from BHR Group for £70 sterling (EU) or £80 sterling (elsewhere) per copy of each report. This includes first class postage (UK) or standard airmail postage (elsewhere) and packing. For urgent delivery details please contact us.

£12.25 sterling VAT will be added to the price per copy of each report ordered from European Union countries outside the United Kingdom if the buyer's VAT number is not quoted.

P461 R.J.O. Millar and G.A.J. Young
Some considerations on the use of water models in the study of air flow problems
9pp., 6 figs. (Sep. 1953)

SP566 G.A.J. Young
The use of models as an aid to the design of hydraulic structures
7pp. 14 figs. (Sep. 1957)

SP583 D.F. Denny and G.A.J. Young
The prevention of vortices and swirl at intakes
10pp. 14 figs. (Jul. 1957) (presented to the 7th Congress of the I.A.H.R.)

RR584 G.A.J. Young
An investigation, with the aid of models, of the design of the fan drifts for Stafford Colliery
6pp. 20 figs. (Apr. 1958)

TN603 K.J. Zanker
A note on self-priming siphons
5pp. 7 figs. (Nov. 1958)

RR630 G.A.J. Young and A.D. Cowan
A study of the aerodynamic design of shaft insets for mine ventilation schemes
12pp. 28 figs (Apr. 1959)

RR643 G.A.J. Young, D.M. Tucker and L. Fellerman
A study of the aerodynamic design of a proposed standard mine fan drift
11pp. 22 figs. (Nov. 1959)

RR684 J.A. Charlton
Pneumatic breakwaters. The two-dimensional flow induced by air rising from a submerged source
31pp. incl. 25 figs. (Feb. 1961)

PR703 J.A. Charlton
Model calibration of a rough gauging weir on the Kaduna River, Nigeria
7pp., 12 figs. (Oct. 1961)

SP726 G.A.J. Young
Swirl and vortices at intakes
20pp. (15 figs. and discussion in Appendix.) (Apr. 1962)

RR758 L. Fellerman
Model calibration of a triangular weir
3pp. 6 figs. (Feb. 1963)

RR849 J.R. Donovan
Model tests on the Bough Beech River intake
5pp. 14 figs. (Oct. 1965)

TN857 Dr. P.J. Baker, K.M. Leigh and C.J. Saunders
The modelling of Winfirth Heath S.G.H.W.R. turbine hall and its instrumentation
13pp. incl. 9 figs. (Feb. 1966)

P871 A. Linford
The application of models to hydraulic engineering
28pp. 49 figs. (Oct. 1966) (Reprinted from Water and Water Engineering, vol.69, 1965 and vol.70, 1966)

TN893 Greater London Council Becton Sewage treatment works. Model study of aeration tank flow distribution
6pp. 6 figs. (May 1967)

RR897 D.S. Miller and K.J. Zanker
The use of air jets to produce a local clean area in a contaminated atmosphere
10pp. 10 figs (Sep. 1967)

RR971 G. Fish and D.H. Saunders
Sedimentation tank model tests
7pp. 15 figs. (Jan. 1969)

RR976 E.G. Arato and K.J. Zanker
Model studies on the proposed Orange-Fish tunnel control works
16pp. 34 figs. (Dec. 1968)

RR944 K.J. Enever and L. Fellerman
Model tests on the Tabqa intake stilling basins. Euphrates basin development
4pp. 13 figs. (Mar. 1968)

RR100 D.A. Crow and M.J. Ball
Wairehu canal control scheme - report of hydraulic model tests
5pp. 24 figs. (Apr. 1969)

RR1002 L. Fellerman and S.D.L. Williams
Design of model study of an air regulating siphon - Fairlands Valley, Stevenage
6pp. 12 figs. (May 1969)

RR1006 M.J. Prosser and E. Bell
Seaforth Works - model study of the sector gates
16pp. 36 figs. (May 1969)

RR1029 R. King and M. Sutton
Seaforth project - model study of guard gate
12pp. 21 figs. (Nov. 1969)

RR1043 D.A. Crow, J. McKeown and M. Sutton
Oil pipeline investigations
26pp. incl. 13 figs. (Mar. 1970)

RR1094 Dr. P.J. Baker and B.E.A. Jacobs
Fluidic pulsed emission chimney

58pp 40 figs. (Jan. 1971)

RR1105 L.R. Young and L. Fellerman
Toome sluices calibration tests
25pp. 25 figs (Jul. 1971)

RR1111 M. Sutton
Model tests on intakes for Amlwch pumping station
18pp. 14 figs. (Sep. 1971)

RR1113 B.E.A. Jacobs and Dr. P.J. Baker
The power requirements of some forms of vortex ring chimney
24pp. 10 figs. (Sep. 1971)

RR1114 R. King and L. Fellerman
Dublin main drainage scheme
12pp. 8 figs (Oct. 1971)

RR1120 M.J. Prosser
The delta gate
14pp. 11 figs. (Nov. 1971)

RR1134 T. Ward and M. Sutton
Reduction of downwash behind chimneys at high wind velocity
8pp. 9 figs. (Jun. 1972)

RR1137 D. S. Miller
Model simulation of water movements before the berthing incident to the 210,000 ton tanker H.G. Haynes
32pp. 15 figs. (Nov. 1972)

RR1163 L. Fellerman
Model tests on a culvert system and sumps for a single purpose desalter
16pp. 12 figs. (Jan. 1973)

RR1167 S.J. Irving and D.S. Miller
Bristol West Dock. Model of entrance lock
29pp. 37 figs (Feb. 1973)

RR1169 D.S. Miller
Model studies of a vortex drop shaft and stilling basin, Wahianoa Aqueduct
21pp. 27 figs. (Feb. 1973)

RR1171 E. G Arato
Model studies on the proposed Kalan by-pass energy dissipator
17pp. 23 figs. (Mar 1973)

RR1184 S.J. Irving
Tongwell balancing lake: Model studies of channel and side-weir
19pp. 17 figs. (May 1973)

RR1192 S.J. Irving
River Ouzel control structures
58pp. 35 figs. (May 1973)

RR1238 M.J. Prosser
Plant discharge to the River Boyne: the hydraulic design of the manifold and piping system
25pp. 23 figs. (Jun. 1974)

RR1247 M.W. Payne and L. Fellerman
Coastal strip drainage, Water of Leith
16pp. 14 figs (Sep. 1974)

RR1265 L. Fellerman and B.A. Bruce
Design and hydraulic model study of the proposed sea water inlet and pump sump for units 50 and 60 of the Skikda liquid natural gas plant
24pp. 27 figs (Jan. 1975)

RR1306 M.W. Payne and L. Fellerman
Morlais Brook improvement: Model study of outfall to River Taff
19pp. 17 figs (Jul. 1975)

RR1312 L. Fellerman and B.A. Bruce
Hydraulic model study of the proposed discharge collecting basin for units 50 and 60 of the Skikda LNG plant
9pp. 9 figs (Oct. 1975)

RR1317 D.A. Crow
Hydraulic model study of the Karantalun weir and Mataram headworks
18pp. 13 figs. (Nov. 1975)

RR1321 E.G. Arato
Hydraulic model studies of River Wyre intake
36pp. 25 figs. (Dec. 1975)

RR1331 D.J. Willis and G.F. Truscott
Dubai drydock facility: dock dewatering model tests
50 pp. 32 figs. (Jan. 1976)

RR1337 R. King
Hydraulic model studies of the R.D.L Brent A load-out
48pp. 35 figs. (Feb. 1976)

RR1367 R.G. Jewsbury
An air curtain to protect the fuel preparation room of a nuclear power station from active dust
22pp. 22 figs. (Sep. 1976)

RR1375 M.W. Payne and M.J. Prosser
Seal test for Brighton Marina lock gate
9pp. 11 figs (Oct. 1976)

RR1376 M.J. Prosser and F. Goodman
Canoe slalom course - a model study of the proposed course at Holme Pierrepont
19pp. 18 figs (Oct. 1976)

RR1399 T.J.M. Moore and G.F. Truscott
Single anchor leg mooring installation - gravity base ballasting tests
20 pp 18 figs. (Mar. 1977)

RR1475 P.J. Baker
Optimisation of road tunnel ventilation systems
7pp. 1 fig. (May 1978)

RR1496 R.G. Jewsbury
An air curtain to protect the fuel preparation room of a nuclear power station from active dust
28pp. 30 figs. (Sep. 1978)

RR1614 E.G. Arato and Clarke
Lower Khalis irrigation project. Hydraulic model studies of movable weirs
18pp. 31 figs. (Aug. 1980)

RR1622 D.A. Crow and S.D.L. Barnes
Capacity of gutter outlets
7pp. 252 figs. (Oct. 1980)

RR1633 M.J. Every
Development of a means to avoid high velocity jets from dock filling valves
11pp. 23 figs. (Nov. 1980)

RR1653 P. Avery
Model study of the Ambergate River Intake.
14pp. 40 figs. (Mar. 1981)

RR1657 A.E. Moore
Physical model investigation of flow distribution and uniformity within a fibre filter box.
35pp. 16 figs. (Feb. 1981)

TN1719 B.A. Brighouse
Benghazi main drainage: sea outfalls SC6 and SC7. Analysis of conditions.
9pp. 1 fig. (Jul. 1981)

RR1723 M. Arshad
Stonebridge Park Culvert air model study.
10pp. 8 figs. (Aug. 1981)

RR1725 P. Avery
Sediment exclusion at intakes - a review.
68pp. 45 figs. (Aug. 1981)

TN1726 P. Avery
Experimental study of a submerged intake design for sediment exclusion.
4pp. 7 figs. (Aug. 1981)

RR1732 B.A. Brighouse
Energy dissipation in Ipswich south-east area sewer.
8pp. 16 figs. (Aug. 1981)

TN1742 M.H. Palmer and A.P. Burns
Receipt building ventilation.
14pp. (Sep. 1981)

RR1755 M.J. Prosser
Australia LNG/LPG Project model study of the seawater intakes and tunnel connections.
13pp. 11 figs. (Oct. 1981)

RR1933 A.E. Moore and N.H. Pendall
Air Flow distribution within a fluid bed cooler
11pp. 11 figs. (Dec. 1982)

RR2035 B.A. Bruce and E. Chang
Hydraulic model study of the new Scots Float Sluice river control structure on the River Rother
17pp. 43 figs. (Jun. 1983)

RR2168 M.W. Payne
North Lynne drainage scheme hydraulic model studies.
7pp.8 figs. (Mar. 1984)

RR2365 A.J. Green
Model studies of the New Jeddah fountain
15pp. 27 figs (Jan. 1985)

RR2460 N.H. Pendall
A. model study of air flow distribution in a fluidised bed urea cooler
9pp. 13 figs (Jul. 1985)

RR2519 J.T. Baird and A.J. Hamilton
A study of the impinging forces on a ship from an outfall discharge.
6pp. 11 figs. (Oct. 1985)

RR2838 S.L. Thomas
Naburn Sewage Treatment Works: Model Studies
17pp, 13figs (Sep. 1987)

RR2842 T.M. Carrington and M.J. Prosser
Ivyfield Pumping Station Model Studies of Contact Tank
3pp, 5figs (Sep. 1987)


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