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Flow Measurement and Fluid Dynamics

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TN2 R.C. Worster
Practical problems in using the hot wire anemometer in water
3pp. (Dec. 1948)

TN8 R.C. Worster
On the flow between rotating cylinders
7pp., 6 figs. (Jan. 1949)

TN401 R.C. Worster
Corrections to the dead weight pressure gauge
8pp incl. 8 figs (Mar. 1950)

T406 J. Rotta
Velocity distribution in turbulent flow in proximity to walls
6pp., 4 figs. (Jan. 1951) (Transl. from: Ing. Archiv., vol.18, 1950, pp.277-280.)

SP435 S.T. Bonnington
The measurement of pulsating flow
8pp., 3 figs. (Sep. 1952)

TN456 P. Linton
Theoretical study of a method for measuring pressure pulsation by electro-magnetic induction in a liquid
18pp., 6 figs. (Apr. 1953)

P471 S.T. Bonnington
Note on a proposed method for the measurement of flow using radioactive tracers
8pp., 1 fig. (Dec. 1953)

P483 S.T. Bonnington
Note on the measurement of large flows
11pp. (Mar. 1954)

P489 S.T. Bonnington
Preliminary flow measurement tests at Westwood Power Station using a Pitot tube
3pp., 5 figs. (Jul. 1954)

SP494 S.T. Bonnington
The measurement of large flows
8pp., 3 figs. (Sep. 1954)

RR517 S.T. Bonnington
Investigations on the flow through plain cylindrical orifices at low Reynolds numbers
6pp., 9 figs. (Nov. 1955)

SP533 S.T. Bonnington
Oil flow at high pressure
9pp., 8 figs. (Apr. 1956)

TN539 K.J. Whiteman
Free streamline theory and its application to flow through orifices
12pp., 6 figs. (Nov. 1956)

RR553 K.J. Whiteman and R.C. Worster
Observations on the Dall flow tube
15pp. incl 11 figs. (Mar. 1957)

P580 R.C. Worster
Interim Report on the measurement of disturbed flows with orifice plates
6pp. 7 figs. (Feb. 1958)

PR585 K.J. Zanker
The measurement of disturbed flows with orifice plates
8pp. 9 figs. (Apr. 1958)

RR590 A.D. Cowan
An exploratory investigation into the flow past blanked tees and in tee junctions for mine fan drifts
3pp. 10 figs. (Apr. 1958)

P618 K.J. Zanker
A note on the use of Dall type meters as reversible flow meters
4pp., 4 figs. (Mar. 1959)

SP625 K.J. Zanker
The development of a flow straightener for use with orifice plate flowmeters in disturbed flows
12pp. 24 figs. (May 1959)

RR654 N.A. Shute
The development of an apparatus for determining the bursting pressures of glass bottles
3pp. 9 figs. (Feb. 1960)

TN687 L. Fellerman and K.J. Zanker
A simple shielded total head probe
4pp. 7 figs (Feb. 1961)

RR701 S.T. Bonnington
The influence of cavitation on the performance of standard flowmeters
5pp. 13 figs. (Oct. 1961)

RR706 K.J. Zanker
Orifice plate discharge coefficients
12pp. 10 figs. (Oct. 1961)

T716 H. Lugt
The influence of swirling flow on the discharge coefficients of standard pressure differential flow meters
11pp. incl. 13 figs. (Feb. 1962) (Transl. from: Brennstoff-Warme-Kraft, vol.13, no.3, Mar. 1961, pp.1211-5

TN838 R.S. Neve
A short review of past research into the properties of fluid jet amplifiers
11 pp. 19 figs. (Feb. 1965)

RR842 K. Foster and T. Mosedale
Observations of the switching mechanism of a fluid jet oscillator
17 pp. 15 figs. (Apr. 1965)

RR853 K. Foster and D.G. Mitchell
The design of a comparator for use in a pure fluid control system
8pp. 7 figs. (Jan. 1966)

RR870 K.J. Zanker
The influence of air on the performance of differential-pressure water flowmeters
10pp. 18 figs. (Oct. 1966)

TN901 K.J. Zanker and T.E. Brock
A review of the literature on fluid flow through closed conduit bends
37pp. incl. 9 figs. (Jul. 1967)

TN902 D.J. Cockrell and A.L. King
A review of the literature on subsonic fluid flow through diffusers
67pp. incl. 13 figs. (Nov. 1967)

T907 V.F. Ris, G.N. Den and A.N. Shreshneva
The effect of flow on the forces acting on the impeller of a centrifugal machine
8pp. incl. 6 figs. (Sep. 1967) (Transl from: Energomashinostroenie, no.4, 1963, pp.14-7.)

SP919 T.B. Ferguson and K.A. Al-Shamma
Wedge type pitot-static probes
4pp. 14 figs. (Sep. 1967)

RR926 K. Foster and D.A. Retallick
The development of a decade counter
7pp. 17 figs. (Oct. 1967)

RR927 D.E. Mitchell
Developments in wall reattachment theory
4pp. 7 figs. (Oct. 1967)

RR941 B.E.A. Jacob and: P.J. Baker
The cascade diode
20pp. incl. 17 figs. (Feb. 1968)

RR957 D.S. Miller and K.J. Zanker
Pembroke Power station - cooling water systems: Flow measurement by integration of point velocities
21pp. incl. 22 figs. (Aug. 1968)

RR963 D.S. Miller and K.J. Zanker
Critical flow in a Dall tube
10pp. 6 figs (Jul. 1968)

RR1040 B.E.A. Jacobs and Dr. P.J. Baker
The development of fluidic sensors for application in steel handling
12pp. incl. 15 figs. (Feb. 1970)

RR1041 M.J. Fisher
Two fluidic coincidence position sensors
8pp. incl. 11 figs. (Feb. 1980)

RR1042 P. Drazan
The flow patterns in cusp-cavities
18pp. incl. 8 figs. (Feb. 1970)

RR1102 P. Drazon
The flow pattern in crisp-cavities
14pp. 11 figs. (May 1971)

RR1137 D.S. Miller
Model simulation of water movements before the berthing incident to the 210,000 ton tanker H.G. Haynes
32pp. 15 figs. (Nov. 1972)

TN1188 M. Papworth
Electromagnetic flowmeter theory
11pp. 3 figs. (May 1973)

TN1198 M. Papworth
The effect of screens on flow characteristics
23pp. 7 figs. (Nov. 1972)

RR1204 D.S. Miller
Performance of bend flowmeters
20pp. 25 figs. (Aug. 1973)

PR1210 B.E.A. Jacobs
Some flow processes of vortex rings: Progress report
19pp. 7 figs. (Sep. 1973)

TN1215 R. King
Feasibility investigation of a density meter device using the added mass principle
3pp. (Nov. 1973)

TN1221 M.J. Fisher
Comparison of current meter calibration facilities for the government of Sudan
18pp. (1974)

RR1231 B.S. Nau and J. McKeown
Mathematical modelling of practical fluid flow problems: basic techniques
41pp. 10 figs (Mar. 1974)

RR1324 D.S. Miller
Experimental data for bend-diffuser reactions
42pp. 76 figs. (Dec. 1975)

TN1352 S.J. Irving
Effect of system layout on the discharge coefficient of orifice plates - Part 1
26pp. 15 figs. (Jun. 1976)

RR1377 A.E. Moore
The use of vanes to improve wide angle diffuser performance
22pp. 10 figs. (Oct. 1976)

TN1379 E.T. Sweeney
The numerical solution of the three-dimensional flow equation for an incompressible fluid
16pp. 3 figs. (Oct. 1976)

RR1424 S. J. Irving
Effect of system layout on the discharge coefficients of orifice plates. Part II: Experimental investigation into the effect of isolated fittings.
32pp. 22 figs. (Aug. 1977)

RR1462 S. J. Irving
Effect of system layout on the discharge coefficient of orifice plates. Part III: Experimental investigation into the effect of bend combinations
28pp. 24 figs. (Apr. 1978)

RR1463 S. J. Irving
Effect of system layout on the discharge coefficient of orifice plates. Part IV: Methods for predicting meter error
27pp. 18 figs. (Sep. 1978)

RR1597 A.E. Moore
Effect of system layout on the discharge coefficient of orifice plates. Part V:
8pp. 15 figs. (Mar 1980)

RR1626 A.E. Moore
Effect of system layout on the discharge coefficient of orifice plates. Part VI: Experimental investigation into the effects of valve/bend combinations
13pp. 13 figs. (Nov 1980)

RR1849 K. Read
Pipe Joint pressure tests.
5pp. 19 figs. (May 1982)

RR1891 P. Avery
Victoria Dam surge chamber: Model tests on throttle.
10pp. 10 figs. (Aug. 1982)

TN1963 P. Chisnall
Estimation of reductions in pressure losses of natural gas pipelines by the use of cascade mitre bends.
5pp. 6 figs. (Feb. 1983)

RR2429 A.E. Moore
Critical venturi designs
(May 1985)

RR2460 N.H. Pendal
A. model study of air flow distribution in a fluidised bed urea cooler
9pp. 13 figs (Jul. 1985)


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