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Multiphase Flow

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TN1 R.C. Worster
On the rising velocity of air bubbles in water
5pp., 5 figs. (Jul. 1948)

TN443 R.C. Worster
The spreading of an interface between two fluids flowing in a pipe
18pp. incl. 7 figs. (Dec. 1952)

SP628 R.C. Worster
Recent work on cavitation
10pp. 10 figs. (May 1959)

T887 M. Yamamusa
Concerning the characteristic of bubble mixed flow: An experiment on two phase bubble flow through a divergent channel
5pp. 15 figs. (Feb. 1967) (Transl. from: Trans. Japan. Soc. Mech Engrs. vol.27, no.117, May 1961, pp.631-8.)

RR1070 E.G. Arato and D.S. Miller
The influence of air in water in the performance of diffusers
14pp. incl. 8 figs. (Sep. 1970)

TN1625 R.S. Silvester
Fluid to fluid modelling with the freons: a review
60pp. 16 figs. (Dec. 1980)

TN1797 R.S. Silvester
Hydraulic design aspects of gasfield slug catcher.
11pp. 11 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1872 P.J. Baker and C.P. Fairhurst
Three phase flow: air-lift investigation.
10pp. 10 figs. (Jul. 1982)

TN2089 R.S. Silvester
Areas of application for research into three-phase flow.
32pp. (Oct. 1983)

TN2173 D.R. Mantripp
Two-phase flow splitting in 'T'-junctions: a review of recent work.
12pp.8 figs. (Mar. 1984)

RR2210 D.N. Turley
Void fraction measurement in two-phase gas liquid systems.
38pp. 21figs. (May 1984)

RR2604 R.S. Silvester
Wind effects on sprays used for protection of fire affected surfaces.
18pp. 50 figs. (May 1986)


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