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Network Analysis / Pressure Surge

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TN10 P. Linton
An electrical analogy of pressure surges in pipe lines
4pp. (Jan. 1949)

T124 O. Schnyder
Calculation of water hammer in cylindrical pipelines
6pp., 6 figs. (Feb. 1949) (Transl. from: Von Roll Mitteilungen, vol.2, no.3/4, 1943, pp.3-8)

Investigation of water hammer in a pipeline at Hagsten
9pp., 9 figs. (1949). (Transl. from: 'Bericht uber die Druckstossmessungen an einer Eternit Rohrleitung im Hagsten' Druckstosskommission des S.I.A., Mar 1939)

TN402 P. Linton
Pressure surges on starting pumps with empty delivery pipes
15pp., 5 figs. (Aug. 1950)

TN411 P. Linton
A simple guide to water hammer and some notes on pressure surges in pump delivery lines
24 pp., 11 figs. (Jul. 1951)

T416 A. De Kovats
Some causes of water hammer and phenomena accompanying it
8pp. 1 fig. (Oct. 1951) (Transl. from: Revue Gem. de lHydraulique, vol. 16, no. 60, Nov-Dec 1950, pp. 302-306)

RR422 P. Linton
Pressure surges in flexible hoses
30pp., 16 figs. (Mar. 1952)

TN447 P. Linton
Note on pressure surge calculations by the graphical method. No.1. - Pump stoppage after power failure
59pp., 42 figs. (May, 1953)

T599 H. Breiner
Comparative observations for the dimensioning of water supply lines
10pp incl. 3 figs. (May 1958)

SP670 D.M. Tucker and G.A.J. Young
Estimation of the size of air vessels
24pp. incl 9 figs. (Oct. 1960)

SP671 D.A. Harding
The simplification of graphical surge analysis by the use of surge lines with a reduced slope
13pp. incl. 13 figs. (Oct. 1960)

RR781 D.A. Harding
The optimum resistance of a differential throttle at the inlet to an air vessel
5pp. 2 figs. (Sep. 1963)

TN826 D.A. Harding
A note on the representation of pipe friction in pressure surge analysis
3pp. 3 figs. (Oct. 1964)

TN851 E. Markland
Use of a digital computer to solve pipe net works
6pp. 3 figs. (Nov. 1965)

SP913 S. Gahin
Some experimental results on vaneless diffusers for centrifugal compressors
4pp. 7 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP920 K.J. Enever
An introduction to pressure surges in gas-liquid mixtures
10pp. 6 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP921 P.G. Thomasson
The development of a method for using analogue computers in surge analysis
11pp. 19 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP922 A. MacDonald and J.A. Pilkington
Pressure surges in condenser cooling water systems
7pp. 7 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP931 J.M. Hobbs
Avoidance of cavitation erosion in turbomachines
7pp. incl. 4 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP993 K. Foster
Hydraulic hammers and oscillators
10pp. 9 figs. (Jan. 1969)

T1014 A.G. Jvarsheishvili
Surge pressure analysis in slurry transport system, using an electronic computer
4pp. incl. 3 figs (Jun. 1969) (Transl. from: Hydrotechnical Construction. no.3, p.39 1968)

RR1081 G. Fish
The testing of the 'Velotee', an injector
21pp. 20 figs. (Oct. 1970)

RR1187 K.J. Enever
Grain Power Station surge analysis
15pp. 12 figs. (May 1973)

RR1217 M. Sutton
Tests on a pneumatic sludge circulator
16pp. 19 figs. (Nov. 1973)

RR1256 K.J. Enever and A.R.D. Thorley
Pressure surge analysis of the Folkestone Road sewage pumping scheme (Thames Water Authority)
7pp. 20 figs. (Nov. 1974)

RR1267 M. Papworth
Peterhead Power Station: Pressure surge analysis
23pp. 17 figs. (Mar. 1975)

RR1304 S.J. Irving
Surge analysis of the cooling water system of units 50 and 60 of the Skikda liquid natural gas plant
24pp. 13 figs. (May 1975)

R1309 M. Papworth
Kilroot cooling water system surge analysis
21pp., incl. 14 figs (Nov. 1975)

TN1404 M. Papworth
HYPSTECH - an introduction to HYPSMOP: B.H.R.A.'s pressure transients program
14pp. 14 figs. (Apr. 1977)

TN1495 K.G. Priddin
A theoretical study of two pressure surge phenomena: cavity collapse and surge tank oscillations
12pp. 3 figs. (Sep. 1978)

RR1724 M. Arshad
Pressure surge analysis of a pumping main.
15pp. 35 figs. (Aug. 1981)

TN1749 S.E.L. Bland and P. Langley
Pressure surge analysis of Wincester middle level and Otterbourne Yew Hill Pumping Mains.
7pp. 21 figs. (Oct. 1981)

RR1793 K.G. Priddin
Transient pressure testing of GRP pipe.
12pp. 23 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1798 R.S. Silvester and K.G. Priddin
Pressure surge analysis of the Candover groundwater scheme. DRAFT
(Feb. 1982)

RR2026 G.L.J. Buttigieg
Castle peak 'B' power station C.W. System: surge analysis
14pp. 50 figs. (Jun. 1983)

TN2027 G.L.J. Buttigieg
Castle peak 'B' power station C.W. System: surge analysis, further results
2pp. 21 figs. (Jun. 1983)

RR2134 A.J. Tyzack
Woburn Sands booster station - Brickhill copse: Surge analysis (stage 3 and 4).
9pp.10 figs. (Jan. 1984)

RR2169 J. Boxer
Pressure Surge Analysis of Proposed Cheddar Pumping Station: Brent Knoll Zone.
6pp.20 figs. (Mar. 1984)

RR2171 P.J. Baker and K. Austin
Hill Ridware sewage rising main: pressure surge analysis.
8pp.27 figs. (Mar. 1984)

RR2250 J. Boxer
Pressure surge analyses of Cheddar pumping station, Cheddar Cliffs zone.
11pp. 26 figs. (Aug. 1984)

RR2251 J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of proposed Cheddar pumping station: Draycott zone.
14pp. 28 figs. (Aug. 1984)

RR2342 P.J. Baker and J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of Southwater sewage main, Horsham
16pp. 28 figs (Dec. 1984)

RR2396 J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of Immingham ammonia unloading line, Humberside 20pp. 45 figs (Mar. 1985)

RR2400 K. Austin and J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of Minufia irrigation system, Egypt
12pp. 29 figs (Mar. 1985)

RR2401 K. Austin and J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of Kallada irrigation system, India
15pp. 38 figs (Mar. 1985)

RR2403 J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of Kew Bridge pumping station: Ealing Zone
12pp. 27 figs (Mar. 1985)

RR2461 J. Boxer
Pressure surge analysis of Haram water transmission line.
10pp. 38 figs (Jul. 1985)

RR2643 J. Boxer and J. Morgan
Lamma Power Station Units 1, 2 and 3 C.W. System. Pressure surge analysis Part I (cases 1-9).
23pp. 81 figs. (July 1986)

RR2646 D.J. Steel
Mythe/Mitcheldean conjunctive use scheme.
64pp. 50 figs. (July 1986)

RR2808 J.I.Boxer, D.J.Steel and R.S. Silvester
Surge Analysis of Supply Lines to an Ammonium Nitrate Plant
17pp, 58figs (July 1987)

RR2814 J.I. Boxer
Lamma Power Station Unit 4, 5 and 6 C W Systems-Pressure Surge Analysis
51pp, 230figs (August 1987)

RR2835 J.I. Boxer
BPCL Chemical Loading Lines-Pressure Surge Analysis
25pp, 67figs (September 1987)


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