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Pipelines and Components

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TN4 R.C. Worster
Laminar and turbulent flow in annular pipes
2pp. (Nov. 1948)

T129 R. Barbe
Laboratory measurement of losses in industrial pipe lines
4pp., 5 figs. (Dec. 1948) (Transl. from: La Houille Blanche, vol.2, no.3, May-Jun. 1947, pp.191-203)

Bibliography on hydraulic effects of roughness
8pp. (Mar. 1949)

T299 C. Keutner
Flow relations in a vertical bend Pressure and velocity distributions Losses of head
6pp., 7 figs. (Aug. 1949) (Transl. from: V.D.I.Z., vol.77, no.45, 1933, pp.1205-1209)

T360 E. Zimmermann
New results on the determination of the pressure drop in straight steel pipe lines
4pp., 5 figs. (Nov. 1949) (Transl. from: Archiv fur Warmewirtschaft und Dampfkesselwesen, vol.21, no.6, Jun 1940, pp.133-135)

TN403 S.T. Bonnington
The loss of head in pipe fittings
13pp., 26 figs. (Jun. 1950)

T412 H. W. Hahnemann
Flow resistance in pipelines
21pp., 7 figs. (Jul. 1951) (Transl. from: Forschung auf dem Gebiet des Ingenieurwesens, Vol 16, No. 4, 1949-1950, pp.113-119)

TN445 S.T. Bonnington
Guide to the calculation of head losses in piping systems
18pp. incl. 25 figs (Mar. 1957)

SP462 S.T. Bonnington
Pipe friction
10pp., 5 figs. (Sep. 1953)

TN499 P. Linton
Practical methods for solving flow networks
16pp., 14 figs. (Nov. 1954)

TN505 K.J. Whiteman
The diffusion of matter in turbulent pipe flow
20pp., 5 figs. (Mar 1955)

RR506 S.T. Bonnington
Note on the head losses in multiple-bend systems
3pp., 6 figs. (Mar 1955)

RR520 P. Linton
Model tests on entry losses at an air vessel
6pp., 8 figs. (Dec. 1955)

RR554 R.C. Worster
The efficiency of diffusers and some test results on the effect of wall roughness
12pp. incl. 9 figs. (Mar 1957)

RR555 S.T. Bonnington
Some experiments on stepped diffusers
6pp. 5 figs. (Mar 1957)

RR616 S.T. Bonnington
The prevention of swirl due to double bends
5pp. 8 figs. (Mar 1959)

RR617 R.C. Worster and F.A. Kohiyar
Experiments on the flow after a sudden contraction and the pressures in separated flows
6pp. 11 figs. (Mar. 1959)

RR634 S.T. Bonnington
Further tests on the use of guide vanes in double bends
6pp. 9 figs. (Sep. 1959)

RR647 S.T. Bonnington
Further tests on the flow characteristics of bypasses at shaft insets
5pp. 7 figs. (Jan. 1960)

RR658 J.M. Campbell
Development of a pipe bend having a good outlet velocity distribution, and the effect of subsequent contractions
5pp. 21 figs. (Mar 1960)

RR719 S.T. Bonnington
Measurements of the pressure losses in copper fittings
5pp. 17 figs. (May 1962)

RR764 K.J. Zanker and R. Jordan
The head losses due to various combinations of two pipe bends
7pp. 11 figs (Feb. 1963)

RR894 K.J. Enever, A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
Digested sewage sludge viscosity and pipe friction measurements
28pp. incl. 18 figs. (May 1967)

TN901 K.J. Zanker and T.E. Brock
A review of the literature on fluid flow through closed conduit bends
37pp. incl 9. figs (Jul. 1967)

TN902 D.J. Cockrell and A.L. King
A review of the literature on subsonic fluid flow through diffusers
667pp. incl 13 figs. (Nov. 1967)

TN909 K.J. Zanker and G.M. Barratt
Data on the correlation of pressure losses in straight non-circular pipes flowing full
33pp. incl. 3 figs. (Jan. 1968)

SP929 D.J. Cockrell
Effect of inlet and outlet conditions on pipe and duct components
5pp. 10 figs. (Sep. 1967)

TN937 D.A. Crow and R. Wharton
A review of literature on the division and combination of flow in closed conduits
23 pp. (Jan. 1968)

RR946 M. Sutton
The performance and flow conditions within a radial diffuser fitted with short vanes
11pp. 17 figs. (Mar. 1968)

T1027 H. Sprenger
Pressure head losses in 90 degree bends for tubes or ducting of rectangular cross section
9pp. 17 figs. (Oct. 1969)

RR1034 D.S. Miller
Performance of straight-wall diffusers
30pp. incl. 1 table. 82 figs. (Dec. 1969)

RR1047 A. Linford
Effluent pipeline rate of flow/pressure loss tests
5pp. 7 tables. 10 figs. (Apr. 1970)

RR1060 D.S. Miller
Performance of constant area circular arc bends
49pp. incl. 50 figs. (Sep. 1970)

RR1061 A.P. Boldy
Performance at dividing and combining 'Tees'
62pp. (Dec. 1970)

RR1062 D.S. Miller
Friction coefficients for circular and non-circular ducts
32pp. incl. 15 figs. (Dec. 1970)

RR1063 D.S. Miller
Effect of component interactions on system head losses
50 pp. incl. 63 figs. (Nov. 1970)

RR1197 D.J. Willis
Pressure loss tests on 'Seaguard' suction strainers
(Jun. 1973)

TN1198 M. Papworth
The effect of screens on flow characteristics
23pp. 7 figs. (Nov 1972)

RR1259 M. Sutton, A.L. Headford and B.E.A. Jacobs
The air testing of concrete pipes
44pp. 21 figs. (Dec. 1974)

TN1296 A.L. Headford
The factory air testing of concrete pipes
18pp. (May 1975)

RR1324 D.S. Miller
Experimental data for bend-diffuser reactions
42pp. 76 figs (Dec. 1975)

RR1326 D.S. Miller
Designing for flow in combined turning and diffusing passage
30pp. 24 figs. (Mar. 1976)

RR1377 A.E. Moore
The use of vanes to improve wide angle diffuser performance
22pp. 10 figs. (Oct 1976)

RR1411 S.J. Irving and B. Taylor
The hydraulic characteristics of foam swabs
22p. 18 figs (May 1977)

TN1814 A.E. Moore
Chilled water circulation problems at Granada T.V.
6pp. (Mar. 1982)

RR1825 A. Thomson
Skid mounted reverse osmosis rig: site investigation on high pressure sea water circuit.
5pp. 1 fig. (Mar. 1982)

TN1963 P. Chisnall
Estimation of reductions in pressure losses of natural gas pipelines by the use of cascade mitre bends.
5pp. 6 figs. (Feb. 1983)

RR1976 H.C. Yeung
Hydraulic characteristics of drain pipes.
5pp. 6 figs. (Mar. 1983)

RR2469 J.I. Baird and D.A. Crow
Friction factors in large concrete conduits
14pp. 8 figs (Aug. 1985)

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