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Pump Sump and Pump Station Models

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TN14 R.C. Worster
Research project on vortex formation in pump suction wells
7pp. incl. 11 figs. (Apr. 1949)

RR430 D.F. Denny
Preliminary report on the formation of air-entraining vortices in pump suction wells
28pp. incl. 15 figs. (Jul. 1952)

SP436 D.F. Denny
Vortex formation in pump sumps
28pp. incl. 15 figs. (Sep. 1952)

RR446 D.F. Denny
Further experiments on the formation of air-entraining vortices in pump suction wells
23pp. incl. 14 figs. (Feb. 1953)

P542 D.F. Denny
Note on a vortex problem
2pp., 6 figs. (Oct. 1956)

RR738 L. Fellerman
Model tests on pump wells for sewage disposal scheme
6pp. 13 figs. (Jul. 1962)

RR787 L. Fellerman, R.C. Worster and K.J. Zanker
Model tests on intakes and discharge for the impounding pumps in the Tilbury Dock extension scheme
9pp. 14 figs. (Nov. 1963)

RR811 L. Fellerman and R.C. Worster
Model tests on intakes and discharges for the impounding pumps in the Tilbury Dock extension scheme
5pp. 11 figs. (May 1964)

RR900 L. Fellerman
Model study flow conditions in sump and pump suction inlets. Liddell Power Station. New South Wales
3pp. 13 figs. (Sep. 1967)

RR1005 L. Fellerman and A.M.B. Sankies
Model study (No.3) of intakes and discharge for the impounding pumps in The Tilbury Dock extension scheme
3pp. incl. 12 figs. (Apr. 1969)

RR1033 M.J. Prosser
Seaforth pumping station Part 1: Model study of the intake culverts and expansion chamber
13pp. 19 figs. (Jun. 1970)

RR1071 E.G. Arato and L. Fellerman
Seaforth pumping station - Part 2: model study of pump inlet arrangement
16pp. incl. 14 figs. (Sep. 1970)

RR1072 R. King
Seaforth pumping station - Part 3: Model study of the collecting chamber, crossover and outlet culverts
13pp. incl. 10 figs. (Sep. 1970)

RR1126 A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
Abbey Mills sewage pumping station Model tests
34pp. 33 figs. (Feb. 1972)

RR1158 G.F. Truscott
HM Dockyard, Devonport, Frigate Complex Dock pumping station model tests
47pp. 33 figs. (Dec. 1972)

RR1173 L. Fellerman
Model study on the Burrawang pump sump - Shoalhaven Scheme, New South Wales, Australia
14pp. 15 figs. (Mar. 1973)

RR1209 L. Fellerman and D.J. Stokes
Bristol West Dock Model Pumping Station
12pp. 13 figs. (Oct. 1973)

TN1342 E. Chang
Review of literature on drain vortices in cylindrical tanks
32pp. 37 figs. (Mar. 1976)

RR1370 L. Fellerman
Farmoor river pumping station - model study of the pump well
8pp. 5 figs. (Sep. 1976)

RR1373 L. Fellerman and B.A. Bruce
Model study of the pump sump for the Marino Point project
17pp. 23 figs (Sep. 1976)

RR1385 A.L. Headford and G.F. Truscott
Abbey Mills development project pumphouse sump model tests
34pp. 24 figs. (Dec. 1976)

TN1414 E. Chang
Review of literature on the formation and modelling of vortices in rectangular pump sumps
29pp. 23 figs. (Jun. 1977)

RR1421 E. Chang
Kori nuclear power station model study of circulating water pump sump no.1 unit
42pp. 11 figs. (Jul. 1977)

BIB1483 M.J. Prosser
A bibliography with abstracts on pump sumps and intakes
BHRA/CIRIA. 42pp. (Jun. 1978)

RR1489 E. Chang and A. Clarke
Kori nuclear power station model study of circulating water pump sump no.2 unit
20pp. 8 figs. (Jul. 1978)

RR1493 B.A. Bruce
Hydraulic model studies of the Lopwell pump sump
18pp. 14 figs. (Sep. 1978)

RR1518 E. Chang
Experimental data on the hydraulic design of intakes and rectangular pump sumps
42pp. 34 figs. (Jan. 1979)

RR1522 E.G. Arato
Bahrain sewage project: hydraulic studies of pump sumps
38pp. 25 figs. (Jan. 1979)

RR1551 M.W. Payne and M.J. Prosser
Broad Oak Scheme: model study of river intake pumping station
40pp. 41 figs (Jun. 1979)

RR1621 M.J. Prosser and B.A. Bruce
Cardon C.W. pumphouse - hydraulic model study
20pp. 11 figs. (Oct. 1980)

TN1727 G.F. Truscott
Sea-water intake sump design.
14pp. 6 figs. (Aug. 1981)

RR1744 M.J. Prosser and M.W. Payne
Australia LNG/LPG project hydraulic model tests of the cooling water pump station no.1.
36pp. 31 figs. (Aug. 1981)

RR1794 P. Avery and B.A. Bruce
Karkh water supply scheme: Raw water intake to pumping station. Hydraulic model tests.
20pp. 52 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR2514 M.W. Payne and S.L. Reed
Design and model testing of Antigua pump sump.
13pp. 10 figs. (October 1985)

RR2517 M.W. Payne
Garnock Valley Sewer System Stevenston Treatment Works: model tests of pump sump.
10pp. 13 figs. (October 1985)

RR2568 I.C. Gordon and P. Avery
Kings Hall Pumping Station: model tests.
19pp. 28 figs. (February 1986)


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