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Fluid Machinery

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TN5 R.C. Worster
On the calculation of pump duties for cooling water circulation at Worcester Power Station
10pp. (Dec. 1948)

TN6 R.C. Worster
On the flow in the suction region of centrifugal pumps
6pp. incl. 6 figs. (Dec. 1948)

TN12 J.F. Peck
Investigations concerning flow conditions in a 6 inch experimental centrifugal pump
5pp., 17 figs. (Jun. 1949): also Discussion on this paper 11pp., 8 figs. (Nov. 1949)

T80 E. Hahn
Study of water hammer in delivery conduits of centrifugal pumps
16pp. incl. 4 figs. (Dec. 1948) (Transl. from: Festschrift Prof. A. Stodola,pp.191-201. Orell Fussli Verlag, 1929)

T85 F. Krisam
Limitations to the use of centrifugal pumps
12pp., 6 figs. (Feb. 1949) (Transl. from: Die Technik, vol.3, no.7, Jul. 1948, pp.305-308)

T127 E. Muhlemann
The scale effect in the efficiency of reaction turbines
6pp., 2 figs. (Dec. 1948) (Transl. from: Schweizerische Bauzeitung, 6vol.66, no.24, 12 Jun. 1948, pp.331-333)

Bibliography on reciprocating pumps
8pp. (1948)

T195 R. Dzillias
Self-priming centrifugal pump with ejectors
3pp., 3 figs. (Feb. 1949) (Transl. from: V.D.I.Z., vol.84, no.1, 1940, pp.22-23)

T196 U. Barske
Centrifugal pumps with rotating casing
8pp., 6 figs. (Feb. 1949) (Transl. from: V.D.I.Z., vol.84, no.22, 1940, pp.373-376)

T250 W. Van der Null
Cavitation and energy transfer tests on a centrifugal pump
40pp., 45 figs. (Apr. 1949) (Transl. from: Dissertation at Braunschweig Technische Hochschule, 1935)

T359 H. Raoberg
Graphic presentation of the operating characteristics of centrifugal pumps
4pp., 3 figs. (1949).) (Transl. from: Teknisk Tidskrift, no.29, Aug. 1949)

T384 C. Pfleiderer
Self-priming water-ring pumps
22pp., 19 figs. (Nov. 1949) (Transl. from: 'Die Kreiselpumpen fur Flussigkeiten und Gase', 3rd Edn., 1949, Appx. pp.481-500)

T400 R. Dzillias
Tests on a centrifugal pump with unstable characteristics
59pp., 25 figs. (Mar 1950).(Transl. from: 'Untersuchungen an einer Kreiselpumpe mit labiler Kennlinie'. V.D.I. Verlag, Berlin, 1940)

T405 T. Heim
The application of radial and axial blowers
3pp., 2 figs. (Jan. 1951) (Transl. from: V.D.I.Z., vol.92, no.27, Sep. 1950, pp.773-774.)

T408 P. Bergeron
Similarity conditions for erosion caused by liquids carrying solids in suspension Application to centrifugal pump impellers
18pp., 6 figs. (Mar. 1951) (Transl. from: La Houille Blanche, vol.5, Special. No. 'B', Nov. 1950, pp.716-729.)

T415 M.I.I. Rashed
Pressure fluctuations in a centrifugal pump, and the calculation of pump characteristics: Part II - Experimental results
11pp., 41 figs. (Sep. 1951) (Transl. from: Mitteilungen aus dem Institut fur Hydraulik und Hydraulische Maschinen an der Eidgenossischen Technischen Hochschule Zurich)

RR426 R.C. Worster
The transient behaviour of a centrifugal pump during starting and stopping
11pp., 10 figs. (May 1952)

TN427 P. Linton
The minimum pressure inside a reciprocating pump
24pp., 6 figs. (Aug. 1952)

T432 K. Rutschi
Tests on a range of centrifugal pumps of different specific speeds
20pp., 25 figs. (May, 1953) (Transl. from: Schweizer Archiv., no.2, 1951, pp.33-46)

SP437 P. Linton
Recent investigations on reciprocating pumps
13pp., 6 figs. (Sep. 1952)

SP439 G.A.J. Young
A note on the influence of suction pipe conditions on centrifugal pump test results
5pp., 6 figs. (Sep. 1952)

SP440 D.F. Denny
Development of a coal-pump
4pp., 5 figs. (Nov. 1952)

T448 C. Pfleiderer
Side-channel pumps
18pp., 21 figs. (Feb. 1953). (Transl. from: 'Die Kreiselpumpen fur Flussigkeiten und Gase', 3rd Edn., 1949, Appx. pp.481-500.)

T450 J. Lal
The characteristic curves of a Pelton Wheel
7pp (Apr. 1953) (Transl. from: 'Die Kennlinnien einer Freistrahlturbine im Triebgebiet sowie im Bremsgebiet und die Winkungsgrade im Triebgebiet')

T452 C. PfleidererAbbreviated translation of the section on cavitation inpumps in 'Stromungsmachinen'

15pp. incl. 9 figs. (Feb. 1953). (Transl. from 'Stromungsmachinen', Springer Verlag, 1952, pp.56-75.)

TN460 D.F. Denny
Leakage flow through centrifugal pump wearing rings
4pp., 5 figs. (Dec. 1954)

RR465 D.F. Denny
Experiments with air in centrifugal pumps
5pp., 8 figs. (Oct. 1953)

RR466 S.T. Bonnington
Investigations on the measurement of pulsating flow
17pp. incl. 7 figs (Nov. 1953)

RR467 S.T. Bonnington
Optimum location of suction and discharge tappings in centrifugal pump tests
7pp., 16 figs. (Nov. 1953)

TN470 R.C. Worster
Disturbance of the flow entering a centrifugal pump impeller caused by the leakage flow through the wearing rings
5pp., 7 figs. (Dec. 1953)

P475 P. Linton
Interim Report on work done on reciprocating pumps
8pp., 1 fig. (Jan. 1954)

T485 K. Kaufmann
Investigations into draught tubes
9pp., 5 figs. (Mar. 1954) (Transl. from: Das Versuchswesen der Maschinenfabrik J.M. Voith. no.1165)

SP491 P. Linton
Pump and pressure pre-fill valves
9 pp., 11 figs. (Sep. 1954)

SP493 C.S. Deakin
Ideals of centrifugal pump design
4pp., 2 figs. (Sep. 1954)

SP495 F.A.L. Winternitz
Flow surveys in turbomachines
5pp., 8 figs. (Sep. 1954)

R501 R.C. Worster
Tests on the air flow through a centrifugal impeller
8pp., 9 figs. (Dec. 1954)

RR508 R.C. Worster
Further tests on the flow of air through centrifugal impellers
8pp., 8 figs. (Apr. 1955)

RR518 G.A.J. Young
A photographic study of the flow within the vane passage of a centrifugal pump impeller at normal delivery
6pp., 21 figs. (Dec. 1955)

RR519 D.F. Denny
Note on measurement of swirl in pump suction pipes
3pp., 10 figs. (Dec. 1955)

RR526 S.T. Bonnington and D.F. Denny
Some measurements of swirl in pump suction pipes
5pp., 20 figs. (Feb. 1956)

SP529 S.T. Bonnington
Jet pumps
9pp., 14 figs. (Apr. 1956)

SP530 G.A.J. Young
The flow in the rotating passages of a centrifugal pump impeller
7pp., 23 figs. (Apr. 1956)

RR540 S.T. Bonnington
Water jet ejectors
7pp., 6 figs. (Nov. 1956)

RR543 R.C. Worster
Flow in the volute of a centrifugal pump and radial forces on the impeller
29pp. incl. 16 figs. (Dec. 1956)

TN544 D.E. Turnbull
A review of glandless pumps
21pp. incl. 26 figs (Dec. 1956)

RR558 S.T. Bonnington
The effects of included solids on the characteristics of centrifugal pumps
6pp. 14 figs. (Apr. 1957)

SP564 R.C. Worster and E.W. Thorne
Roughness and friction effects on the performance of a centrifugal pump
8pp. incl. 6 figs. (Sep. 1957)

RR586 R.C. Worster
The effects of fitting guide vanes in a centrifugal pump volute
5pp. 4 figs. (Apr. 1958)

RR587 R.C. Worster
The effects of impeller roughness of the performance of a centrifugal pump
5pp. 4 figs. (Apr. 1958)

RR605 S.T. Bonnington
The cavitation limits of a liquid/liquid jet pump
8pp. 12 figs. (Dec. 1958)

RR607 R.C. Worster
The effect of reducing impeller width on the performance of a centrifugal pump
5pp. 4 figs. (Dec. 1958)

RR619 R.C. Worster and E.W. Thorne
Measurement of leakage flow through the wearing rings of a centrifugal pump and its effect on overall performance
8pp. 4 figs (Apr. 1959)

SP621 D.F. Denny
Power loss characteristics of thrust bearings for high pressure pumps with special reference to hydrostatic slipper bearings
6pp. 19 figs. (May 1959)

RR632 J.A. Charlton
Morpeth Pumping Station, Birkenhead tidal gate model
9pp. 18 figs. (Jul. 1959)

RR655 R.C. Worster
Note on the performance of U.M. Barske's friction disc pump for very low suction heads
6pp. incl. 2 figs. (Mar. 1960)

T656 H. Petermann
The secondary effect of leakage losses for radial centrifugal pumps and blowers with shrouds
5pp. incl. 7 figs. (Mar 1960) (Transl. from V.D.I.Z., no.11, pp.430-432.) (Apr. 1959)

T657 M.A. Rudis
On the calculation of the strength of volutes of centrifugal pumps
11pp. incl. 3 figs. (Mar 1960) (Transl. from: Energomashinostroenie, vol.5, no.2, 1959, pp.32-34

RR659 N.A. Shute and D.E. Turnbull
An experimental study of the lift of a simple hydrostatic slipper bearing
3pp. 12 figs (1960)

SP663 R.C. Worster, J.M. Campbell, K.J. Zanker and L. Fellerman
A comparison of air and water tests on centrifugal pumps
10pp. 15 figs. (Oct. 1960)

SP664 S.T. Bonnington
Water driven air ejectors
10pp. incl. 8 figs (Oct. 1960)

RR679 R.C. Worster
The interaction of impeller and volute in determining the performance of a centrifugal pump
8pp. 7 figs. (Nov. 1960)

PR680 R.C. Worster
Progress Report on research on centrifugal pumps
7pp. 3 figs. (Nov. 1960)

T690 E. Gaschallegg
Contribution on the determination of impeller blade profiles in centrifugal pumps of high specific speed
13pp. incl. 13 figs (Apr. 1961) (Transl. from: Osterr. Ing Zeitschrift, vol.2, no.10, 1959, pp.368-76

T709 K. Rutschi
The effect of guide arrangements on the output efficiency of centrifugal pumps
14pp. incl. 21 figs. (Nov. 1961) (Transl. from: Schweizerische Bauzeitung, vol.79, no.15, Apr. 1961, pp.233-40.)

RR710 D.M. Copley and R.C. Worster
Pressure measurements at the blade tips of a centrifugal pump impeller and the effects of tip profile on pump performance
6pp. 11 figs (Nov. 1961)

TN717 S.T. Bonnington
The design of ejectors driven by and entraining compressible fluids
8pp. 15 figs. (Feb. 1962)

SP724 D.M. Copley, R.C. Worster and K.J. Zanker
The flow in pump volutes and its effect on performance
11pp. 25 figs. (Apr. 1962)

RR729 K.J. Zanker
Experiments with back vanes used for balancing axial thrust on centrifugal pump impellers
5pp. 7 figs. (Apr. 1962)

RR746 K.J. Zanker
Axial thrust in centrifugal pumps
10pp. 6 figs. (Nov. 1962)

RR747 D.M. Copley
The fluctuating flow in centrifugal pumps and the possible causes of vibration
10pp. 14 figs. (Nov. 1962)

P748 R.C. Worster
Summary of research at B.H.R.A. on centrifugal pumps and allied problems
9pp. (Nov. 1962)

T750 J.S. Saitchenko
Force balance conditions of the valve plate and rotor of an axial piston pump
3pp. 2 figs. (Mar 1963) (Transl. from: Stankii Instrument., no.10, 1950 pp.28-9)

RR754 B.S. Nau
An investigation into the nature of the interface film, the pressure generation mechanism and centripetal pumping in mechanical seals
15pp. 32 figs. (Jan. 1963)

TN765 N.A. Shute, A.L. King and S.U. Hasrajani
Survey of hydraulic pumps and motors
11pp. 5 figs. (Mar. 1963)

RR769 D.M. Copley
The use of a two-dimensional vortex model for calculating the fluctuating forces on an axial flow pump
7pp. 2 figs. (Apr. 1963)

RR770 R.C. Worster
An investigation of the flow in centrifugal pumps at low deliveries
9pp. 9 figs. (Apr. 1963)

RR779 J.A. Charlton
A device to improve the siphonic priming of a land drainage pump
3pp. 7 figs. (Jul. 1963)

T783 H. Blenke
Investigations into the calculation of jet pump performance
11pp. 10 figs. (Oct. 1963) (Transl. from: Chemie-Ing.-Technik vol.35, no.3, Mar. 1963, pp.201-8 (March 1963)

RR788 A.E. Roberts and R.C. Worster
An experimental investigation of radial forces on an axial flow impeller
5pp. 9 figs (Nov. 1963)

TN789 J.C. Lewthwaite and R.C. Worster
Note on the effect on pump stability of guide vanes in the impeller eye
3pp. 2 figs. (Nov. 1963)

RR813 L. Fellerman and R.C. Worster
The flow distribution in the discharge branch of a model cooling water circulating pump
2pp. 4 figs (Jun. 1964)

TN814 M. Sutton
Improving the cavitation performance of centrifugal pumps with helical inducers
6pp. 11 figs. (Jun. 1964)

TN830 S.T. Bonnington and D. Watts
The state of the art of jet pump design
18pp. (Nov. 1964)

TN831 M. Sutton
Comparison of the commonly used parameters involving pump N.P.S.H.
7pp. 8 figs. (Nov. 1964)

T840 L.C. Shmugliakov
The influence of the type of cavitation on the separation characteristics of hydraulic turbines
5pp., 3 figs. (1963) (Transl. from: Energomashinostroenie, no.1, Feb. 1965, pp.25-7)

T845 M.T. Stoliarsky
The effectiveness of basic types of adjustable inlet guide vanes on centrifugal compressors
5pp. (Sep. 1965) (Transl. from: Gazovaia Promish, no.4, 1964, pp.30-34)

T865 A.B. Barenboim
Conditions for modelling cavitation phenomena in pumps for refrigeration liquids
8pp. 2 figs. (Oct. 1966) (Transl. from: Kholodil'naia tekhnika i tekhnologia, no.1, 1965, pp.95-103)

RR889 M. Sutton
The inducer: A means of improving the suction performance of centrifugal pumps
13pp. 26 figs. (Apr. 1967)

TN892 T. Ward and M. Sutton
A review of the literature on cavitation in centrifugal pumps with various liquids
22p. 7 figs. (Apr. 1967)

SP910 J.K. Hughes and P.W. Lightfoot
A computer system for the processing of pump performance data
3pp. 5 figs (Sep. 1967)

SP911 D. Rachman
Physical characteristics of self priming phenomena in centrifugal pumps
6pp. 16 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP912 P. Grocock and R.K. Turton
Flow in the Barske-type pump
4pp. 18 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP914 J.O. Fisher
Some observations on the instability in the pressure volume characteristics of rotodynamic pumps
5pp. 5 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP915 J.D. Burton
The prediction and improvements of regenerative turbo-machine performance
12pp. 12 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP923 B. Kershaw
Axial thrust measurements on multistage high pressure pumps
4pp. 7 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP928 D.J. Myles
Experimental evidence on the NEL method of mixed flow pump and fan design
6pp. incl. 8 figs. (Sep. 1967)

SP930 I.S. Pearsall
Improved NPSH performance by the use of cavitating pumps
8pp. 17 figs. (Sep. 1967)

TN945 G.F. Truscott
The use of cascade data in diffuser design for centrifugal pumps
8pp. 4 figs. (Mar. 1968)

T947 Z. Budlovsky
Induced resistance losses in water turbines: (A method of calculating water turbine runner losses)
9pp. 3 figs. (Apr. 1968) (Transl. from: Strodojnicky casopsis, No. 2, 1966)

T951 K. Rutschi
Operation of torque flow pumps
11pp. incl. 23 figs. (Mar. 1969) (Transl. from: Schweiz. Bauztg. vol.86, no.32, Aug 1968. pp.575-82.)

RR952 G. Fish
Jet pump for steam compression - feasibility study
35pp incl. 3 figs. (May 1969)

RR958 T. Ward and K.J. Zanker
Pembroke Power Station - cooling water systems: Effect of local entry and exit conditions on pump performance
18pp. 23 figs. (Aug. 1968)

PR961 T. Ward
A visual study of cavitation in a centrifugal pump
6pp. 9 figs. (1968)

RR968 T. Ward
Effect of local entry and exit flow conditions on power station cooling water Pump performance
13pp. 15 figs. (Oct. 1968)

TN970 T. Ward
Development of an air blowing technique for measuring static pressures on a centrifugal pump impeller
7pp. 5 figs. (Oct. 1968)

SP983 W.M.J. Schlosser
The overall efficiency of positive displacement pumps
16pp. incl. 12 figs (Jan. 1969)

RR1003 M. Sutton
The start-up of an axial flow pump in a long pipeline
4pp. 4 figs. (Apr. 1969)

T1004 A. Klein
Investigation of the effect of the entry boundary layer on the secondary flows in the blading of axial flow turbines
18pp. 24 figs. (Apr. 1969) (Transl. from: Forschung Ing.-Wes vol.32, no.6, 1966, pp.175-87.)

RR1009 G. Fish
The hydraulic lifting of heavy solid materials by jet pump
12pp. 14 figs. (May 1969)

T1019 A. Bezinge and F. Schafer
Storage pumps and glacial waters
14pp. 13 figs. (Sep. 1969)

RR1026 H.F. Black and J.L. Murray
The hydrostatic and hybrid bearing properties of annular pressure seals in centrifugal pumps
9pp. 9 figs. (Oct. 1969)

PR1028 M. Sutton
Axial thrust in centrifugal pumps
10pp. 11 figs. (Oct. 1969)

RR1052 M. Sutton
Developed cavitation in turbomachines
7pp. 12 figs. (Apr. 1970)

PR1053 M. Sutton
Progress report: tests on a centrifugal impeller with slotted blading
5pp. 7 figs. (Apr. 1970)

RR1077 R.K. Turton
Some observations on the open impeller pump
10pp. 9 figs. (Oct. 1970)

TN1078 M. Sutton
An assessment of the annular pump impeller
9pp. 5 figs. (Oct. 1970)

RR1099 A.P. Boldy
Foyers pumped storage scheme. Model tests of the surge chamber throttle
13pp. 9 figs. (May 1971)

PR1103 T. Ward
Progress Report: investigations into the hydraulic failure of a centrifugal pump resulting from cavitation
11pp. 8 figs. (1971)

RR1154 M. Sutton
Experience of various designs of radial diffuser rings for pump application
26pp. 15 figs. (Nov. 1972)

RR1417 A.E. Moore
Rotary jet thrust augmentors a comparison with conventional ejectors for a marine lateral thrust application
22pp. 5 figs. (Jul. 1977)

TN1469 J. Boothroyde and B.E.A. Jacobs
Design of an air driven ejector for the extraction of nitric acid fumes
10pp. 7 figs. (May 1978)

TN1500 D.J. Willis
A literature survey on sewage sludge pumping
52pp. 32 figs. (Oct. 1978)

TN1530 T.J.M. Moore
Literature review of the effects of viscosity on the performance of centrifugal pumps
(Mar. 1979)

TN1666 K. Ahmad, R.C. Baker and A. Goulas
Performance characteristics of granular solids-handling centrifugal pumps - A literature Review.
35pp. 21 figs. (Mar. 1981)

TN1689 J.P. Jackson
Boiler feed pump drive invest.
3pp. 4 figs. (Mar. 1981)

RR1714 M. Johnson
The design of pumping systems for non-newtonian fluid with particular reference to pump performance.
29pp. 9 figs. (Jun. 1981)

RR1854 J.H. May
An investigation into the design and performance of centrifugal pump outlet diffusers.
22pp. 29 figs. (Jun. 1982)

TN1986 M. Johnson
Investigation of the failure of borehole pumps.
5pp. (Mar. 1983)

TN2014 R.J. Galka
A preliminary market survey for pneumatic conveyor compressors.
12pp. 6 figs. (May 1983)

RR2296 M.L. Hughes
Feasibility study and test on a small water turbine for convect central heating radiators. 9pp.
10 figs (Oct. 1984)

RR2340 S.J. Hughes
A review on the pumping of gas/liquid mixture
22pp. 7 figs (Dec. 1984)

RR2420 T.J.M. Moore and M.A. Yates
Vibration and efficiency monitoring of supply and reclamation pumps: summary report
23pp. 4 figs (May 1985)

RR2421 T.J.M. Moore and M.A. Yates
Vibration and efficiency monitoring of supply and reclamation pumps: condition report
29pp. 166 figs (May 1985)


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