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TN9 B.H.J. Thoms
Notes on two published works on seals and glands
3pp. (1949)

AN132 Bibliography on glands and seals
1p. (Jan. 1949)

AN134 References to properties and testing of oil seals
1p. (Jan. 1949)

T409 E.F. Boon
Seals for rotating shafts
15pp., 5 figs. (Feb. 1951) (Transl. from: De Ingenieur, vol.62, no.29, Jul. 1950, pp. CH 43-50)

RR417 D.F. Denny
Experiments on the static friction of rubber seal materials
18pp., 14 figs. (Oct. 1951)

RR424 D.F. Denny
Tests on packed glands for rotating shafts: soft packings sealing water
11pp., 10 figs. (May 1952)

RR425 D.F. Denny
Experiments on radial-face seals: a brief study of the interface conditions
9pp., 7 figs. (May 1952)

RR444 D.F. Denny
The effect of shaft eccentricity on the performance of soft packed stuffing boxes
15pp. incl. 11 figs. (Dec. 1952)

RR458 D.F. Denny
The stiction of rubber sealing rings
7pp., 14 figs. (Aug. 1953)

T459 E.F. Boon
Some notes on seals for rotating and reciprocating shafts
14pp., 5 figs. (Jun. 1953) (Transl. from: De Ingenieur, vol.64, no.12, Mar. 1952, pp. CH 33-40)

RR487 D.F. Denny
Tests on packed glands for rotating shafts
5pp., 6 figs. (Jul. 1954)

RR525 D.F. Denny
Tests with O-rings and lip seals on rotating shafts
4pp. 7 figs. (Feb 1956)

RR537 D.F. Denny
Experiments with rubber lip-seals on eccentric shafts
5pp. 5 figs. (Sep. 1956)

RR550 D.F. Denny
A force analysis of the stuffing-box seal
5pp. 9 figs. (Jan. 1957)

RR561 D.F. Denny
Further tests on packed glands for rotating shafts
3pp. 9 figs. (Jul. 1957)

RR569 D.F. Denny and D.E. Turnbull
The inverted stuffing-box
2pp. 3 figs. (Sep. 1957)

TN578 K.J. Whiteman
Pressure generation in radial face seals
10pp. 7 figs. (Feb. 1958)

RR579 E.H. Iny and A. Cameron
Rotary oil seals
11p. 21 figs (Feb. 1958)

RR592 D.E. Turnbull
The sealing action of a conventional stuffing-box
12pp. 16 figs. (Jul. 1958)

RR594 D.F. Denny
High pressure tests on packed glands for rotating shafts
3pp. 7 figs. (Aug. 1958)

RR595 D.F. Denny
Leakage and friction characteristics of some single-lip U-seals fitted to reciprocating shafts
8pp. 16 figs. (Aug. 1958)

RR613 D.F. Denny
Some measurement of fluid pressures between plane parallel thrust surfaces with special reference to radial-face seals
11pp. 18 figs. (Jan. 1959)

RR614 D.F. Denny
Sealing characteristics of multiple-lip seals fitted to reciprocating shafts
3pp. 9 figs. (Feb. 1959)

SP623 D.F. Denny
Improved stuffing-box designs
3pp. 6 figs. (May 1959)

RR644 D.E. Turnbull and B.S. Nau
Some effects of the elastic deformation of the sealing rings of a mechanical or radial-face seal on its sealing behaviour
5pp. 9 figs (Feb. 1960)

RR648 D.E. Turnbull and B.S. Nau
A simplified analysis of the characteristics of fabric-rubber seals for reciprocating shafts
5pp. 7 figs (Feb. 1960)

RR683 E.H. Iny and A. Cameron
Synthetic rubber rotary shaft seals The fluctuation of the interfacial gap at moderate shaft speeds
9pp. 11 figs (Jan. 1961)

RR699 B.S. Nau
A reconsideration of pressure generation in radial face seals
24pp. 10 figs. (Sep. 1961)

SP723 R.M. Austin, M.J. Fisher, B.S. Nau and D. Sutehall
General review of recent seal research at B.H.R.A
6pp. 26 figs. (Apr. 1962)

RR741 R.M. Austin and M.J. Fisher
An investigation of methods of packing stuffing box seals for rotary shafts
10pp. 27 figs. (Oct. 1962)

RR776 M.J. Fisher
Study of the suitability of a hydrostatic seal for boiler feed pumps
51pp. 30 figs. (Jun. 1963)

RR777 R.M. Austin and M.J. Fisher
An experimental investigation of a small hydrostatic seal
7pp. 12 figs (Jul. 1963)

TN816 D. Dowson and M.D. Longfield
The lubrication of highly loaded machine contacts
8pp. 16 figs (Jun. 1964)

RR819 B.S. Nau
Water leakage and friction measurements on some moulded U-seals for reciprocating shafts
6pp. 19 figs. (Aug. 1964)

TN832 B.S. Nau
Cavitation in thin films
22pp. 28 figs. (Nov. 1964)

TN843 B.S. Nau
Hydrodynamic lubrication in face seals
36pp. 36 figs. (Jul. 1965)

RR855 B.S. Nau
Further experimental studies for face-seal hydrodynamics
18pp. 17 figs. (Feb. 1966)

RR877 B.S. Nau
Observations of face seal flatness after use
7pp. 7 figs. (Jan. 1967)

RR878 M.J. Fisher and B.S. Nau
An experimental investigation of face seal behaviour at sealed pressures up to 3000 lb/sq.in
8pp. 17 figs (Feb. 1967)

TN904 B.S. Nau
Mechanical seals guide
21pp. 26 figs. (Oct. 1967)

T932 C.M. Lang
Friction of flexible seals for hydraulic cylinders
10pp. 29 figs. (Feb. 1968) (Transl. from: Maschinenmarkt, vol.73, no.61, Aug. 1967, pp.1314-22.)

RR938 B.S. Nau
Leakage and friction measurements on reciprocating square section seals
8pp. incl. 16 figs. (Feb. 1968)

TN940 D. Reddy and B.S. Nau
Wear testing
27pp. incl. 34 figs (Mar. 1968)

TN954 B.S. Nau
Calculation of distortions in mechanical seals
10pp. 10 figs. (May 1968)

RR972 B.S. Nau
Tests on radially loaded packed glands
7pp. 25 figs. (Nov. 1968)

RR973 B.S. Nau
Friction and leakage of sliding rubber seals
8pp. 12 figs. (Dec. 1968)

T974 C.M. Lang
O-ring friction and leakage in hydraulic systems
13pp. incl. 32 figs. (Nov. 1968) (Transl. from: Maschinenmarkt vol. 73, no. 80, Oct. 1967)

RR978 G.J. Field and B.S. Nau
Interseal pressure between reciprocating rectangular rubber seals
31pp. 70 figs. (Jan. 1969)

RR1021 B.S. Nau and R.M. Austin
The evaluation of materials for stuffing box seals

9pp. 76 figs. (Sep. 1969)

TN1031 J.P. O'Donoghue and G.K. Lewis
Inherently stable high pressure face seals
6pp. 6 figs. (Nov. 1969)

TN1046 J.G. Pape
Fundamental aspects of radial-face seals: summary and design considerations
14pp. 4 figs. (Mar. 1970)

RR1075 G.J. Field and B.S. Nau
Interseal pressure between reciprocating rectangular rubber seals with back-up rings
30pp incl. 12 tables. 7 figs. (Sep. 1970)

RR1088 B.S. Nau and G.J. Field
Interseal pressure of piston seals in thin-walled jacks
31pp. 36 figs (Jun. 1971)

RR1096 R.M. Austin and B.S. Nau
The evaluation of packing materials for stuffing-box seals. 2
44pp. 82 figs (1971)

T1115 G. Wendt
Investigation of rubber O-rings and X-rings. 1. Stress distributions, service life and groove design
25pp. 44 figs. (Oct. 1971) (translation)

T1116 G. Wendt
Investigation of rubber O-rings and X-rings. 2. Friction of O-rings and X-rings in rotary motion
14pp. 16 figs. (Oct. 1971) (translation)

RR1151 B.S. Nau
Comparison of lubricated rubber friction measurements for seals and rubber pads
25pp. 15 figs. (Nov. 1972)

TN1162 B.S. Nau
History of Seal Research at BHRA
6pp. 10 figs. (Nov. 1972)

RR1189 G.J. Field and B.S. Nau
The lubrication of rectangular rubber seals under conditions of reciprocating motion (Part 1). A theoretical study
30pp. 22 figs (Jun. 1973)

TN1190 D. Reddy and B.S. Nau
Proposed new wear tests for hydraulic oils
9pp. 2 figs. (May 1973)

RR1199 G.J. Field and B.S. Nau
The lubrication of rectangular rubber seals under conditions of reciprocating motion (Part 2). An interferometric study
35pp. 25 figs (Jun. 1973)

RR1200 G.J. Field and B.S. Nau
The lubrication of rectangular rubber seals under conditions of reciprocating motion (Part 3). An instrumented seal study
65pp. 55 figs (Jun. 1973)

RR1203 R. K. Flitney and B.S. Nau
Design and Testing of an integrated viscoseal and mechanical seal
13pp. 11 figs (Jul. 1973)

RR1213 G.J. Field and B.S. Nau
A cone seal for rotating and reciprocating applications
10pp. 5 figs. (Nov. 1973)

TN1228 G. J. Field, R. K. Flitney and B. S. Nau
A literature survey on very low leakage rubber O-ring seals
9pp (Mar. 1974)

RR1253 B. S. Nau and D. Reddy
Friction under tension
6pp. 6 figs (Nov. 1974)

R1293 G. J. Field and R. K. Flitney
Diesel engine water pump seal investigations
15pp. 8 figs. (May 1975)

RR1303 G.J. Field, D. Reddy and B.S. Nau
A survey of sealing techniques in water distribution and sewage disposal networks
12pp. 12 figs. (Jun. 1975)

RR1315 G.J. Field, R.K. Flitney and B.S. Nau
The lubrication of reciprocating rubber seals: U seal tests
12pp 12 figs. (Nov. 1975)

RR1449 R.M. Austin, R.K. Flitney and B.S. Nau
Research into factors affecting reciprocating rubber seal performance
64pp. 21 figs. (Dec. 1977)

TN1450 D. Reddy and B.S. Nau
Factors affecting the design of large flanged joints and joint seals for chemical plant
17pp. 15 figs (Dec. 1977)

RR1473 B.S. Nau and R.T. Rowles
A computational tool for mechanical seal design
14pp. 8 figs. (May 1978)

TN1474 R.K. Flitney
An introduction to rubber reciprocating seals
14pp. 11 figs. (May 1978)

RR1503 R.K. Flitney and B.S. Nau
Steam-buffered valve glands. 180 C test program
17pp. 4 figs (Nov. 1978)

RR1546 R.K. Flitney
PTFE reciprocating seals: friction and leakage tests
12pp. 9 figs. (May 1979)

RR1547 B.S. Nau
As assessment of the performance of inherently balanced mechanical seals
16pp. 14 figs. (May 1979)

RR1560 B.S. Nau and R.T. Rowles
Mechanical seal interface characteristics
28pp. 20 figs (Jul. 1979)

TN1565 K.A. Smith, E.T. Sweeney and B.S. Nau
The application of the FELU2 and SPECTRE finite element programs to lubrication and other flow analyses
18pp 19 figs. (Aug. 1979)

RR1599 R.K. Flitney
Leather and other rotary shaft lip seal tests
12pp. incl. 3 figs. (Mar. 1980)

RR1604 R.K. Flitney
Friction and leakage tests on polyurethane U-seals
5pp. 9 figs. (Apr. 1980)

RR1616 R.M. Austin, R.K. Flitney and B.S. Nau
Rotary seal vapour emission
30pp. 30 figs. (Sep. 1980)

RR1675 R.K. Flitney
Plunger Pump Seal tests.
9pp. 8 figs. (Apr. 1981)

RR1766 B.S. Nau
Vibration & Rotary mechanical seals: a review.
9pp. 12 figs. (Nov. 1981)

RR1771 R.K. Flitney
Packing material alternatives Part 1: Preliminary assessment.
35pp. (Nov. 1981)

RR1772 R.K. Flitney
Packing material alternatives Part 2: Measurements of physical properties.
23pp. 47 figs. (Nov. 1981)

RR1779 R.T. Rowles and B.S. Nau
The dynamic stiffness and damping of O-Rings.
10pp. 13 figs. (Dec. 1981)

RR1804 R.K. Flitney
PTFE lip seal investigation.
5pp. 9 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1809 R.K. Flitney
Lip seal performance comparison.
5pp. 8 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1811 B.S. Nau
Effects of flange distortions on the gasket contact pressures of a spiral-wound gasket in an ANSI B16.5 Class 600 flanged joint.
5pp. 32 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1812 R.T. Rowles, M.D. Reddy and B.S. Nau
Shaft vibration and mechanical seal performance: experimental study.
10pp. 21 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1819 B.S. Nau
The operation of unbalanced mechanical seals at high pressure.
32pp. 37 figs. (Mar. 1982)

RR1820 B.S. Nau
Some characteristics affecting rotary lip seal performance.
19pp. 18 figs. (Mar. 1982)

RR1845 B.S. Nau
The JOINT Computer program for analysis of gasketsealing stresses in flanged joints.
11pp. 9 figs. (May 1982)

RR1849 K. Read
Pipe Joint pressure tests
5pp. 19 figs. (May 1982)

RR1863 K.A. Smith and B.S. Nau
The PLATE finite element program.
12pp. 8 figs. (Jun. 1982)

RR1927 R.K. Flitney
Friction and leakage tests on an extended contact rubber-rubber fabric unit seal
7pp. 7 figs. (Dec. 1982)

TN1991 R.K. Flitney
Rotary pump seals in MW power stations.
6pp. (Apr. 1983)

RR2193 R.K. Flitney
Reciprocating seals test method investigation: progress report.
2pp. 30 figs. (Apr. 1984)

RR2249 M.P. Hing
Validation report on a micro-computer program written on BS 4518 'O' Ring design.
6pp. 6 figs. (Jul. 1984)

RR2383 R.K. Flitney and D. Ainsworth
PTFE reciprocating seals: further wear investigations
6pp. 11 figs (Feb. 1985)

RR3215 N.D. Barnes, R.K. Flitney and B.S. Nau
Mechanical seal housing design guide
31pp. 16 figs. (Oct. 1992)

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