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Slurry Transport and Pipe Wear

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Bibliography on pneumatic conveying, 1939-19493pp. (Oct. 1949)

TN431 R.C. Worster
Report on the deuxieme Journees de L'Hydraulique on the hydraulic transport and separation of solids held at Grenoble 25-29th June, 1952 by the Societe Hydrotechnique de France
29pp. incl. 5 figs. (Jul. 1952)

SP438 R.C. Worster
The hydraulic transport of solids
24pp. incl. 19 figs. (Sep. 1952)

SP441 R.C. Worster
Experimental methods of studying the flow of solid-liquid mixtures in pipes
10pp. 7 figs. (Nov. 1952)

SP442 R.C. Worster
The hydraulic transport of solids
24pp. incl. 22 figs. (Nov. 1952)

TN449 R.C. Worster
Notes on the flow through packed beds and the draining of a slurry, or growth of a filter-cake
11pp., 5 figs. (Feb. 1953)

SP464 R.C. Worster
Relationship between hydraulic and pneumatic conveying of solids in pipes
5pp., 8 figs. (Oct. 1953)

RR468 R.C. Worster
The hydraulic transport of solids in pipes
26pp. incl. 31 figs. (Nov. 1953)

P477 R.C. Worster
Measurements of the distribution of forces in the horizontal flow of heavy solids with water in a round pipe
10pp., 8 figs. (Jan. 1954)

RR482 R.C. Worster
Measurement of the forces causing hydraulic transport of coal
9pp., 9 figs. (Mar. 1954)

SP496 R.C. Worster and D.F. Denny
Transport of solids in pipes
40pp. 57 figs (Sep. 1954)

P507 R.C. Worster
Some tests on the flow along pipes of mixtures of fly ash and water
9pp. incl. 7 figs. (Mar. 1955)

RR515 R.C. Worster
The flow in pipes of fly ash and other suspensions of finely divided solids
31pp. incl. 18 figs. (Nov. 1955)

RR581 R.C. Worster and S.T. Bonnington
Experiments on the pumping of chalk along pipelines
16pp. 19 figs. (Apr. 1958)

TN582 S.T. Bonnington
The frictional losses of paper in pipes
9pp. 36 figs. (Mar 1958)

SP624 S.T. Bonnington
A review of solids transport
12pp. 18 figs. (May 1959)

RR637 S.T. Bonnington
Experiments on the hydraulic transport of mixed-size solids
11pp. 20 figs. (Oct. 1959)

TN708 S.T. Bonnington
Estimation of pipe friction involved in pumping solid material
17pp. 17 figs. (Dec. 1961)

RR822 D.H. Buxton
Model tests of a slurry channel for fly ash disposal
17pp. 22 figs. (Oct. 1964)

T839 S.P. Kozirev
Cavitation and cavitation-abrasive wear caused by the flow of liquid carrying abrasive particles over rough surfaces
6pp. 4 figs. (Feb. 1965) (Transl. from: Gidroetekhnichskoe Stroitel'stov, vol.33, no.2, Feb. 1963, pp.43-5)

SP917 D.H. Saunders
Hydraulic transport of solid materials in pipes
14pp. 14 figs. (Sep. 1967)

RR948 A. Linford and G. Fish
The hydraulic transport of silt and sand
13pp. 31 figs. (May 1968)

RR950 A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
The hydraulic transport of limestone slurry
37pp. incl. 34 figs. (May 1968)

RR964 D.H. Saunders
The hydraulic transport of slurry in the tile manufacturing industry
22pp. incl. 15 figs. (Sep. 1968)

RR1011 A. Linford and G. Fish
The hydraulic transport of coarse chalk particles in a slurry
15pp. 9 figs. (May 1969)

RR1015 A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
Hydraulic transport of iron ore
21pp. 23 figs. (Jul. 1969)

RR1066 A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
Chalk slurry pipeline investigations
26pp. incl. 26 figs. (Jul. 1970)

RR1067 M.L. Barker
The hydraulic transport of slurry in the tile manufacturing industry - a further investigation
3pp. 6 figs. (Jul. 1970)

RR1085 G. Fish
Shell-sand transport
21pp. 19 figs. (Nov. 1970)

RR1087 A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
The hydraulic transport of limestone slurry (second stage)
33pp. 30 figs. (Jan. 1971)

RR1090 A. Linford and D.H. Saunders
The hydraulic transport of clay and chalk slurry
31pp. 18 figs (Dec. 1970)

RR1092 M.L. Barker
Viscometric testing of digested and activated sewage sludges
8pp. 7 figs. (Jan. 1971)

RR1121 D. Soul
The processing of pumped solids
11pp. 8 figs. (Nov. 1971)

RR1147 T. Ward
Prediction of pipeline head loss for the hydraulic transportation of tile slurries
21pp. 16 figs. (Sep. 1972)

PR1185 M.L. Barker
Progress Report: Evaluation of various test methods for pipeline wear measurement
15pp. 5 figs. (May 1973)

RR1202 B.E.A. Jacobs and T. Ward
Oldbury power station: hydraulic transportation of reservoir sand deposits
24pp. 11 figs. (Jun. 1973)

PR1206 M.L. Barker
Pipeline wear test facility - Progress report
25pp. 13 figs. (Sep. 1973)

RR1211 M.L. Barker
A study of jet pump dredging and pipeline transport of diamond bearing gravel
12pp. 2 figs. (Oct. 1973)

TN1295 G.F. Truscott
A literature survey of wear in pipelines
24pp. (May 1975)

RR1311 Dr. P.J. Baker, B.E.A. Jacobs, P.J. Baker and D.H. Saunders
Pipeline transport of waste materials in the Yorkshire and Humberside regions
46pp. 15 figs (Oct. 1975)

RR1318 P.J. Baker
The transport of coal by capsule pipeline
38pp. 16 figs. (Nov. 1975)

RR1330 P.J. Baker
The development of a novel type of booster for pneumatic capsule pipelines
57pp. incl. 42 figs. (Jan. 1976)

RR1425 J. Boothroyde, B.E.A. Jacobs and V. Mistry
Hydraulic transport of chrome ore residue
20pp. 14 figs. (Aug. 1977)

RR1494 V.R. Mistry
Wear of slurry system components due to abrasion
38pp. 37 figs. (Sep. 1978)

RR1505 G.F. Truscott, U. Hassan and D.J. Willis
Removal of settled sewage sudge from consolidated lagoons. Part 1: Initial sampling of lagoons and feasibility study Part 2: Sampling of remaining lagoons
30pp. 19 figs. (Nov. 1978)

TN1524 E.T. Sweeney
The classification of non-Newtonian fluids and their mathematical description
6pp. 2 figs. (Feb. 1979)

RR1603 V. Mistry
The relative wear rates of pipe materials determined by a rotating wear test rig
9pp. 16 figs. (Apr. 1980)

RR1623 V. Mistry
Wear test data from the 200 mm slurry facility and the rotating wear test rig
19pp. 11 figs. (Oct. 1980)

RR1628 V. Mistry
Rheological and loop pipeline tests on colliery waste
15pp., 26 figs. (Nov. 1980)

RR1630 J. Boothroyde
An investigation into the hydraulic transport of coarse particle slurries
21pp. 80 figs. (Dec. 1980)

RR1638 V. Mistry and J. Boothroyde
Characteristics of phosphate slurries
12pp. 35 figs. (Dec. 1980)

RR1645 K.J. Enever and M. Cornell
The carrying capacity of flumes or launders for slurry transport.
7pp. 6 figs. (Dec. 1980)

TN1652 H.K. Versteeg
Slurry pipeline cost analysis computer Program.
12pp. 6 figs. (Jan. 1981)

RR1671 V.R. Mistry
Further observations of wear on slurry system components.
55pp. 37 figs. (Dec. 1980)

RR1697 T.W. Grove and B.E.A. Jacobs
The wear characteristics of stainless steel bends (Filter sand abrasive).
5pp. 7 figs. (Mar. 1981)

RR1701 H.K. Versteeg
Hydraulic-transport of gypsum anhydrite slurry.
14pp. 14 figs. (Apr. 1981)

RR1705 T.W. Grove
The Wear Resistance of pipe materials determined using a rotating wear test rig.
6pp. 9 figs. (May 1981)

RR1706 T.W. Grove
The Wear characteristics of stainless steel bends (Clinoptilolite Abrasive)
4pp. 4 figs. (May 1981)

RR1721 T.W. Grove
The resistance to wear of a superpolyamide pipe material (RILSAN)
3pp. 3 figs. (Jul. 1981)

RR1810 K. Read and G.F. Truscott
Comparative tests on three slurry concentration meters.
22pp. 33 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1822 T.W. Grove
Online acquisition and analysis of rotational and tube viscometric data using a DEC PDP 11-03 computer.
13pp. 23 figs. (Mar. 1982)

RR1848 R.J. Galka
Viscometric testing of stablex polymer slurry.
16pp. 28 figs. (May 1982)

RR1871 P.J. Baker
Pneumatic conveying activities.
38pp. 9 figs. (Jul. 1982)

RR1959 T.W. Grove
Rheological analysis of tin ore slurries.
7pp. 38 figs. (Feb. 1983)

RR1962 P.J. Baker and A.L. Headford
Negative pressure pneumatic conveying systems for CEGB Power Stations.
28pp. 1 fig. (Feb. 1983)

RR1997 T.W. Grove
Rheological analysis of a flyash slurry.
5pp. 5 figs. (Apr. 1983)

RR2011 T.W. Grove
Large bore viscometry tests on a shale slurry.
5pp. 5 figs. (May 1983)

RR2343 A.C. Walker and T.W. Grove
Metal slurry injection.
28pp. 57 figs (Dec. 1984)

RR2352 R.J. Galka
Analysis of wear in an industrial pneumatic conveying system
34pp. 33 figs (Jan. 1985)

RR2376 T.W. Grove
Hydraulic transport of gasifier slag
7pp. 14 figs (Feb. 1985)

RR2406 A.C. Walker
Stabilized slurry: development of probe device for measuring annular lubricating layer
31p 41 figs (Mar. 1985)

RR2549 A. Tatsis and B.E.A. Jacobs
Bend wear tests.
17pp. 28 figs. (January 1986)


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