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Information Services: Technical Reports Catalogue

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T136 E. Schrenk
Experiments on flow, pressure, and losses in valves
3pp. (1948) (Transl. from: 'Versuche uber Stromungsarten, Ventilwiderstand und Ventilbelastung' Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiete des Ingeneurwesens, no.272, 1925)
(Superseded by T 547)

T137 R. Stuckle
Research on self-acting pump valves during the last fifty years
5pp., 7 figs (1948) (Trasl. from 'Die selbstatigen Pumpenventile in den letzen 50 Jahre pp 227-246 and 248-281. J Springer, Berlin, 1925)

T176 R Stuckle
The development of self-acting pump valves during the last fifty years
Section I, 10pp. (Mar. 1949) Section VIII, 23pp. 31 figs. (Jul. 1949) Section IX 17pp., 24 figs (Feb. 1949) Section X, 36pp., 54 figs (May 1949) (Transl. from: 'Die selbstatigen Pumpenventile in den letzen 50 Jahre', J. Springer, Berlin, 1925)

T479 B.I. Yanshin
Resistance coefficients of butterfly valves with lenticular plates
10pp., 8 figs. (Feb. 1954) (Transl. from: Gidrotekh. Stroit, vol.7, 1950, pp.26-31.)

T481 J.P. Laurent
Tests on scale models of butterfly valves from the Genissiat Power Station
14pp., 14 figs. (Feb. 1954). (Transl. from: Revue Generale de l'Hydraulique, vol.42, Nov.-Dec. 1947, pp.283-294.)

PR535 K.J. Whiteman
Progress Report on the reciprocating valve test rig
4pp., 8 figs. (May 1956)

T547 E. Schrenk
Disc valves; flow patterns resistance and loading
18pp. incl. 27 figs. (Jan. 1957) (Transl. from: 'Versuche uber Stromungsarten, Ventilwiderstand und Ventilbelastung'. Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiete des Ingeneurwesens, no.272, 1925)

SP568 D.E. Turnbull and K.J. Whiteman
Oscillations of hydraulic valves
13pp. incl 16 figs. (Sep. 1957)

RR574 D.E. Turnbull
The opening characteristics of a two-way, carboard disc, relief valve
2pp. 3 figs. (Jan. 1958)

RR598 D.F. Denny
Wear tests on commercial plug-valves handling coal-water slurries
5pp. 6 figs. (Oct. 1958)

SP626 R.C. Worster
The closing of reflux valves
13pp. 12 figs. (May 1959)

TN650 N.A. Shute and D.E. Turnbull
A review of some of the characteristics of current American electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic servo valves
44pp. incl 49 figs. (Jan. 1960)

SP668 D.A. Harding and E.A. Upshall
Further experiments on relief valve oscillations
10pp. 17 figs. (Oct. 1960)

RR676 R.C. Worster
The use of linearised equations in calculating the motion of reflux valves
13pp., 5 figs. (Nov. 1960)

TN678 J.M. Campbell
Note on hydraulic design of "pepper-pot" valves
6pp. 11 figs. (Nov. 1960)

TN686 S.T. Bonnington
The influence of cavitation on the characteristics of control valves
77p. 10 figs. (Feb. 1961)

RR693 K. Foster
The force and discharge characteristics of a particular spool valve configuration
9pp. 16 figs. (Apr. 1961)

RR704 D.A. Harding and E.A. Upshall
The stability of a relief valve, with linear damping, connected to a long pipe
14pp. 15 figs. (Oct. 1961)

RR733 K. Foster
The dynamic flow forces in a particular spool valve configuration with special references to the stability of 15pp. 39 figs. (May 1962)

RR734 S.T. Bonnington
Experiments on a mixing valve for a hot water system
2pp. 7 figs. (May 1962)

RR757 N.A. Shute and D.E. Turnbull
The hydrostatic balancing of valve plates
11pp. 12 figs. (Feb. 1963)

SP990 M.A. Jeans
Remotely fluid operated flow control valve
5pp. 7figs. (Jan. 1969)

SP992 A. Crook and P.G. Thomasson
The behaviour of unloading valves in long pipeline systems
7pp. 15 figs (Jan. 1969)

RR1097 P.G. Thomasson
Analogue computer simulation of unloading valve systems
35pp. 50 figs. (Jun. 1971)

RR1360 S.J. Irving
Dubai drydock - model studies of the dock filling valves
22pp., 17 figs. (Jul. 1976)

RR1602 R.S. Silvester
Torque induced by compressible flow through a butterfly valve with an asymmetric disc design
28pp. 42 figs. (Apr. 1980)

RR1939 B.A. Brighouse and E. Chang
Design data on deflector hoods for hollow cone outlet valves
7pp. 37 figs. (Dec. 1982)

RR2044 P.J. Baker and R.J. Galka
Deluge valve tests.
4pp. 8 figs. (Jul. 1983)

RR2292 M.W. Payne
Head/flow test on a non-return duckbill valve.
4pp. 6 figs. (Sep. 1984)

RR2293 T.W. Grove
Wafer check valve tests.
3pp. 12 figs. (Oct. 1984)

RR2300 W.S. Lamb
The design and testing of a hydraulic restrictor valve for the underwater manifold center
43pp. 23 figs (Oct. 1984)

RR2405 W.S. Lamb
On site testing of the underwater manifold centre restrictor valve
10pp. 11 figs (Mar. 1985)

RR2433 A.J. Hamilton
Fully open flow coefficient and inherent flow characteristics of three Blakeborough control valves
8pp. 9 figs (May 1985)

RR2579 A.J. Green
Standardisation of all-plastic butterfly valves.
13pp. 8 figs. 5 appendices. (March 1986)

RR2644 A.J. Hamilton
Flow visualisation tests on a 2 inch type S full bore Mapegaz ball valve.
2pp. 1 fig. (July 1986)

RR2745 A.J. Hamilton
Non-return flap valves.
4pp. 9 figs. (Feb. 1987)

RR2750 R.A.Elvin
Flow Tests on a Prototype 6 inch Rotary Control Valve
12pp, 9 figs (March 1987)


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