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Jet Cutting

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£12.25 sterling VAT will be added to the price per copy of each report ordered from European Union countries outside the United Kingdom if the buyer's VAT number is not quoted.

RR1608 D.H. Saunders, N.J. Griffiths and K. Moodie
Water abrasive cutting in flammable atmospheres
4pp. 15 figs. (Jun. 1980)

RR1629 N.J. Griffiths and R.C. Godding
A preliminary investigation into abrasive water jet cutting of cast iron
7pp. 11 figs. (Dec. 1980)

RR1679 R.E.P. Barton and D.H. Saunders
Jet cutting of reinforced concrete.
9pp. 22 figs. (1981)

RR1712 D.H. Saunders and A. Blackwell
Water jet cutting of coal.
3pp. 6 figs. (Jun. 1981)

RR1796 H.K. Versteeg
Water Jet Cutting on Clay.
22pp. 28 figs. (Feb. 1982)

RR1816 H.K. Versteeg
Scaling techniques for draft forces on cutting tools - a review of dredging & agriculutral Engng. Research.
25pp. 1 fig. (Mar. 1982)

RR1922 J.H. Smithson
An experimental investigation into the ripple characteristics of a flexible pipework water jetting system
8pp. 8 figs. (Nov. 1982)

RR1950 R.M. Fairhurst
Cold Cutting of large diameter pipes.
3pp. 2 figs. (Dec. 1982)

RR1998 A. Blackwell
Abrasive jet cutting: Investigation of cutting performance on various metal sections.
6pp. (Apr. 1983)

RR2002 J.H. Smithson and I. Hansford
A practical investigation into the physical loadings applied to flexible hoses used in the jetting industry.
8pp. 3 figs. (Apr. 1983)

RR2344 R.E.P. Barton, R.M. Fairhurst and D.H. Saunders
Cleaning of metal sprayed risers for offshore production platforms
14pp. 43 figs (Dec. 1984)

RR2470 R.M. Fairhurst and S.L. Spence
Abrasive jet cutting of high strength reinforced concrete
17pp. 55 figs (Aug. 1985)

RR2550 R.M. Fairhurst
Survey of water jet roadway cutting.
14pp. (January 1986)


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