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Hydroelectric Model Studies

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RR1083 I.C. O'Neill and L. Fellerman
Model Studies of Kariba North hydro-electric scheme
26pp. 8 figs. (Nov. 1970)

RR1108 D.A. Crow
Murchison hydroelectric scheme. Part 1. Hydraulic model studies of intake area and dam
44pp. 31 figs. (Sep. 1971)

RR1109 D.A. Crow
Murchison hydroelectric scheme. Part 2. Hydraulic model study of outlet area
20pp. 13 figs. (Sep. 1971)

RR1110 A.P. Boldy
Murchison hydroelectric scheme. Part 3. Hydraulic model of the falls
15pp. 10 figs. (Sep. 1971)

RR1129 E.G. Arato
Tedzani hydro-electric scheme. Part 1 Hydraulic model study of the settling basin
25pp. 26 figs. (Mar. 1972)

RR1133 E.G. Arato
Tedzani hydro-electric scheme. Part II Hydraulic Model Study of the surge chamber
22pp. 22 figs. (May 1972)

RR1283 M Papworth
Dinorwic pumped storage scheme: Lower reservoir model
51pp. 58 figs. (Mar. 1975)

RR1286 S.J. Irving and B.A. Bruce
Dinorwic pumped storage scheme. Part 2: Model studies of headworks
35pp. 31 figs. (Mar. 1975)

RR1302 E.G. Arato
Dinorwic pumped storage scheme: Hydraulic model study of the diversion arrangement
18 pp. 21 figs. (Jun 1975).

RR1316 D.A. Crow and B.A. Bruce
The Gtaru hydro-electric scheme - hydraulic model tests on intake structure
20pp. 14 figs (Nov. 1975)

RR1351 M. Papworth
Report on model studies of the Dinorwic Mk II tailworks scheme
47pp. 35 figs. (Jun. 1976)

RR1577 J.B. Nystrom and J. Stefanokos
Pournari hydroelectric project bottom outlet model
17pp 42 figs. (Nov. 1979)

RR1731 K. Austin
Lupohlo-Ezulwini hydro-electric project: hydraulics model studies of main spillway works.
20pp. 48 figs. (Aug. 1981)

TN1758 E. Chang
Monasavu Hydroelectric scheme Fiji: Part 1, Desk study of Howell-Bunger valve for the controlled filling outlet.
8pp. 6 figs. (Oct. 1981)

RR1773 M.H. Palmer and M.W. Payne
Model studies of the redesigned Pournari hydroelectric project. Bottom outlet.
27pp. 38 figs. (Nov. 1981)

RR1818 B.A. Brighouse and E. Chang
Monasavu hydroelectric scheme, Fiji: Part 2: Model study of Howell-Bunger valve for the controlled filling outlet.
9pp. 12 figs. (Mar. 1982)

RR1891 P. Avery
Victoria Dam surge chamber: Model tests on throttle
10pp. 10 figs. (Aug 1982)

RR1908 E.G. Arato
Parteen Weir Hydroelectric Scheme. Hydraulic Model Studies.
12pp. 17 figs. (Sep. 1982)

RR2325 B.A. Bruce and D.A. Crow
Mrica hydroelectric project: hydraulic model study of the drawdown culvert control structure
18pp. 26 figs (Nov. 1984)


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